Licensed - Career and Technical Education | Vocational - Technical Careers | Multiple High Schools Sites | Closing: 12/27/2024


Vocational – Technical Career Teachers

Teach a variety of CTE programs/courses at Anoka-Hennepin’s 5 high schools.
Full Time and Part-Time positions for the 2023-24 school year may be available in the following areas:

  • Agriculture Trade – Agriculture Careers Teacher:  Teach Agriculture Occupations class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Agriculture License
  • Automotives Trade – Transportation Careers Teacher:  Teach Automotives Trade and Industrial Internship class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Industrial Technology License or Transportation Careers and Work Based Learning License.
  • Business and Marketing Education Careers (BME) Teacher:  Teach Business Education and Marketing Education classes.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Business License.
  • College & Career Placement Specialist (Career-Technical Teacher):  Coordinate high school to post-secondary transitions. Work with high school students and teachers, community members, and colleges to provide post-secondary experiences for students. Work with employers to provide mentorship opportunities, career tours, job shadowing, etc. Work with students to understand types of college credit and how to access it, grants, and scholarships, etc.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Work Based Learning, Any Career & Technical License.
  • Communications Productions Teacher (Communications Technology Careers):  Teach TV Production, Digital Photography, Digital Videography, and Graphic Communications I classes.  Includes creating school’s “Redzone” communication videos:  Requires Communications Technology Career.
  • Construction Careers Teacher:  Teach Construction Careers class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Teacher of Construction Careers.
  • Cosmetology Careers Teacher:  Teach Cosmetology Career class including Salon, Spa, & Barbering careers.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Creative Design Careers, MN Cosmetologist License.
  • Cyber Security Careers Teacher (Communications Technology Careers):  Teach Cyber Security class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Communications Technology Career.
  • Family Consumer Sciences or Early Childhood Careers Teacher (CTE):  Teach Family Consumer Sciences and Early Childhood class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Family Consumer Sciences or Early Childhood Occupations
  • Food Service Occupations Teacher:  Teach Food Service Occupations class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Vocational Food Service Occupations or Teacher of Hospitality Careers.
  • Health Careers – Medical Careers Teacher:  Teach medical terminology, anatomy, and investigating medical careers class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Vocational Health Care Careers or Teacher of Medical Careers.
  • Health Careers – EMT Medical Careers Teacher:  Teach EMT – Medical Careers, medical terminology and careers class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires active/current Licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Paramedic or EMR License or Paramedic.
  • Health Careers – RN Medical Careers Teacher:  Teach RN – Medical Careers, nursing assistant careers class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires RN License – must be RN, working in a long-term care facility for one year in the last 5 years.
  • Law Enforcement / Public Services Teacher:  Teach Law Enforcement Careers class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Medical Careers License / Career & Technical Ed License with experience in law enforcement. 
  • Manufacturing Careers Teacher:  Teach Manufacturing Careers class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Teacher of Manufacturing Careers.
  • Music Compositions Careers Teacher (Communications Technology Careers): Teach Music Compositions class.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Music License or Communications Technology Career.
  • Work-Based Learning Teacher:  Coordinate internships for high school seniors on a variety of work sites.  Work with employers, students, and families to assure quality work experiences in various career pathways.  Ensure all OSHA, Department of Labor and Industry, and MN Statutory requirements associated with placement of students in work sites are followed.
    Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Work Based Learning – Any Career & Technical License.  Understanding of all OSHA, Department of Labor and Industry, and MN Statutory requirements associated with placement of students in work sites.

Anoka-Hennepin will make every effort to hire teachers with full standard licenses in the assigned subject and grade level.

Start Date:  ASAP.  This position may be filled immediately after 7 posting days (after: 3/7/23) by an appropriately licensed candidate (PELSB Tier 3 or Tier 4 license); or by a candidate eligible for PELSB Tier 2 license (candidate must be enrolled in a teacher prep-program or have a Master’s degree in the content area), or OFP (Out of Field Permission) after a 15-day posting period (after: 3/14/23); or PELSB Tier 1 license after a 60-day posting period (after: 4/28/23).


All Applicants must complete the Anoka-Hennepin Schools online application at