Minnesota School Jobs helps PreK-12 public schools in Minnesota meet current and future staffing needs.

This site combines the services of an online job board, job seeker tools, and virtual job fairs to help current and aspiring educators connect directly with Minnesota schools.

3/15/24 – Update on the transition from EdPost

School administrators, accelerate your educator talent recruiting efforts with the help of Minnesota School Jobs.  

Our job posting distribution network and virtual job fairs produce more qualified candidates for your licensed and educational support positions.   We reach wider and deeper to show a more diverse applicant pool what you have to offer as an employer so that you can build a strong talent pipeline.

We maintain a set of services for all Minnesota public schools (charters, districts, cooperatives, etc.).  Use these to help your recruiting and staffing operations, including: timely and cost-effective virtual career events and attracting a larger audience to your vacancies. 

Early Access Employer Login


Service availability may be limited depending on schedule and demand.

Employer Eligibility Requirements

Organizations eligible to participate in Minnesota School Jobs and its services must be recognized as public school entities in the state of Minnesota – independent districts, charter schools/networks, intermediate districts, education cooperatives, etc. – recruiting to hire in positions where a Minnesota educator license is required.

All eligible schools must conform to the Minnesota Human Rights Act and U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission policies regarding nondiscrimination in employment and all applicable Equal Opportunity Laws.

In addition, all eligible schools must abide by the Principles of Professional Conduct for Career Services and Employment Professionals as published by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE).   These principles require employers to maintain a recruitment process that is fair and equitable, and to help candidates make informed and responsible decisions.

Minnesota School Jobs reserves the right to refuse or limit access due to any of the following: failing to adhere to the above policies, violating any local, state or federal laws, or any other behavior or conduct which, in the discretion of the Minnesota School Jobs, warrants denial of service or access.


MNSchoolJobs.org has been designated as the official Statewide Job Board by the Minnesota Professional Educator Standards and Licensing Board (PELSB). 


Beginning July 1st, 2024, MNSchoolJobs.org will be the only accepted job board for Tier 1 and OFP application forms.

Districts have two options for posting vacancies to MNSchoolJobs.org.

Option 1, Manual Entry: One or more designated users sign in to MNSchoolJobs.org to create and maintain job postings. Manual postings can last up to 60 days. There is no fee for posting vacancies to MNSchoolJobs.org.

Option 2, Automatic Import: Job postings automatically import from the district’s online applicant tracking system (ATS). Imported postings remain online until closed in the ATS. This option requires a supported ATS. There is a fee for this option. Districts can also log in and manually manage job postings. 

Since our start in 2019, MNSchoolJobs.org has provided over 170 districts and charter schools with automatic import to increase the reach of postings to job seekers while adding no extra administrative workload. We understand the importance of consistency in minimizing disruption to your operations during staffing and recruiting season. We will continue the automatic import service (option 2) for existing districts at no fee until June 30th, 2024.
However, to maintain a sustainable service and improve access for all public school employers, we can no longer provide the automatic import service for free as of July 1st, 2024.

Action Required by June 30th.

Submit a request for an employer account using this form. In this submission, an authorized district contact will be asked to identify users and select the posting option (Manual Entry or Automatic Entry.) If we do not receive a verified submission by June 30th, the default selection will be option 1, Manual Entry. On July 1st, we will move all districts that have not requested Automatic Import to Manual Entry (option 1). Existing postings will remain on the site for those districts moved to Manual Entry, but no new postings will automatically import.

Frequently Asked Questions for Employer Accounts

What will be required to create and maintain an employer account?

  • Submission of the employer account request form for en eligible employer.
  • Verification by email or telephone that an authorized individual made the submission.
  • Up to three email addresses belonging to the district’s email domain designating users authorized to post positions and manage the employer’s online profile.
  • Allow email and web access to mnschooljobs.org from your district technology systems.

When will employers receive user account information?

All account requests need to be verified by telephone or email. We will email instructions to the designated user accounts after verification. 

We have limited capacity for adding new district user accounts. Because of this, we will prioritize requests from districts that do not currently have their postings automatically imported into the site. 

We anticipate providing user accounts for all verified requests by June 14th, 2024.

What is the fee for option 2, Automatic Imports?

$1200/year, prorated to a July 1st start for the following 12-month period. For example, invoices due July 1st, 2024, will cover 7/1/24 to 6/30/25.

There will be no fee for Automatic Import prior to 7/1/24.

What applicant tracking systems are supported for option 2, Automatic Import?

Generally, any system that can present a listing and details of job postings specific to your district with a publicly accessible URL will be supported. We cannot import from systems that forbid extraction through legal or technical means. The following systems are supported:

  • Frontline Recruiting & Hiring
  • Radar Talent Solutions (coming soon)
  • TalentEd Recruit & Hire (coming soon)

Can users still create or modify postings manually under option 2, Automatic Import?  


Can postings be submitted by email?


Can MNSchoolJobs.org cross-post job openings into the Handshake system?

No. Handshake supports only the manual posting of vacancies. We are exploring an option to allow our team to cross-post on districts’ behalf.