District Wide | Teacher, Substitute | District Wide | Available: Fall 2023


Interested in Subbing as a teacher at Hutchinson Schools?

If you are interested in becoming a short-call sub, the required license¬†can be acquired through the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB).¬† Candidates must hold a minimum of a¬†bachelor’s degree.¬† Short call subsitute licenses are valid for three years.¬† Initial fee for first-time applicants is $90.00.
Another option for becoming a day-by-day substitute teacher for ISD 423 is becoming employed by Teachers on Call. Teachers on Call is our absence management system that finds substitute teachers on our behalf Рyou may have a wider variety of subbing positions you can sign up for through this system.  Visit their website for more information.  

Questions? Contact Michael Scott, Director of Teaching and Learning via email 


Hutchinson is located one hour west of the Metro area with a population of about 14,000. Our community has a strong business and industry sector with a focus on high tech manufacturing and serves as the regional retail center. Hutchinson is a great place to learn, live, and work.  For more information about our community visit