Special Education Services | ISD 6076 Northland Learning Center



  1. Certification as a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (C-SLPA)


1.  Assist speech-language pathologist in the conduct of screenings or assessment of language, voice, fluency, articulation.

2.  Implement treatment plans or protocols as directed by speech-language pathologists.

3. Assist speech-language pathologists in the remediation or development of speech and language skills.

4. Collect and compile data to document student performance/progress on goals and objectives.

5.  Conduct in-service training sessions if needed.

6. Perform support duties such as preparing materials, keeping records, maintaining supplies, and scheduling activities/sessions.

7. Review and complete documentation in compliance with Federal and State rule and regulations, as well as with District policies and procedures. 

8. Select or prepare speech-language instructional materials. 

9. Travel between schools/buildings/districts as needed or assigned.