Teacher | Special Education Teacher | Education Services Center


Location:  Any of our 10 school locations PreK-12
FTE:  1.0 FTE (part time FTE’s may also be available)
Salary: Per HEA Salary Schedule

Candidates will demonstrate skills in working with students with special educational needs.

Preferred Requirements:
Candidates in all Special Education licensure areas are encouraged to apply!  You may apply and be considered even if you will not receive your license until Summer 2024.

A strong understanding of students’ with special education needs across categorical disabilities. Knowledge of instructional design and curriculum for students with educational disabilities; assessment and evaluation skills for meeting eligibility criteria; knowledge of due process components associated with the development, implementation and monitoring of an IEP.

Qualified applicants would have a wide spectrum of skills to deliver academic instruction though various teaching modalities. The applicant would have skills and/or experience in programmatic design to address the social and emotional learning needs of students. The individual would possess attributes of leadership, collaboration, flexibility and effective communication to ensure a team approach was utilized in creating an educational learning environment to ensure high academic rigor, while meeting the individualized needs of the students.