Support Staff | Special Education Assistant | Elementary School | Available: immediately | Closing: open until filled




  • Provide support for students in general education classrooms (e.g. clarify directions, model, redirect attention, modify and adapt assignments per teacher direction).
  • Supplement instructional activities under the direction of a special education teacher or related services provider. Work with individual students or small groups.

  • Reinforce drill and review previously taught skills and monitor independent work completion.
  • Maintain a high degree of confidentiality.

  • Provide supervision to ensure safety for special education students during instructional periods, community activities, before school and at dismissal.
  • Assist students with and encourage independence in self help skills related to dressing, feeding, hygiene and toileting.

  • Assist the student to develop independence in problem solving, making choices and task completion by allowing the child to function with as little intervention as possible.
  • Observe, record and chart information about student performance, behaviors and learning styles.

  • Assist with and/or implement behavioral management and intervention plans under the direction of the special education teacher.
  • Assist teacher to safely lift and transfer students.

  • Follow teacher instructions regarding the use of walkers, wheelchairs, standers and assistive technology equipment.
  • Employee is responsible to be knowledgeable about all district policies.