Support Staff | Special Education Assistant | North Elementary School (Grades 2-4) | Available: ASAP | Closing: Open Until Filled


Job Summary: 
Provides support to the special education staff with educationally related activities and helps students with support in different subject areas; monitors/directs and supports students in other school settings as needed either individually or in small groups.


Education/Certification Requirement:

  • High School diploma or GED.
  • Specialized training related to the use of restrictive procedures. (will provide)


  • Previous experience in working with children preferred.

Essential Skills Required to Perform the Work:

  • Skill in supervising student behavior and applying consistent consequences for appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.
  • Ability to apply rules, instructions and stated policies, procedures and IEP plans.
  • Ability to develop a rapport with children and explain concepts in a simple and understandable manner.
  • Proficient with use of assistive technology.
  • Knowledge and application of basic computer, math and language skills.
  • Ability to work well with students and staff.
  • Ability to work with children of various ability levels.
  • ¬†Knowledge of district discipline policy.
  • Ability to write routine correspondence, routine reports, memos, documents, charts or other materials.
  • Ability to effectively present information in one-to-one and/or small group situation to student(s), staff or other employees concerning District/program routines, policies, rules, learning principles, concepts and other lesson plans.
  • Skilled in adapting lesson plans to the individual needs of students to facilitate learning and to assist in meeting any individual learning plans and objectives.

Physical Job Requirements:

  • Position involves extended periods of sitting, standing, stooping and kneeling for performing classroom activities and supervision.
  • Position involves extended periods of time on feet.
  • Position involves occasional lifting up to 40 lbs. and/or two person lift.
  • Position involves listening, speaking clearly and visual acuity.
  • Position involves positioning of students.
  • Position involves physical restraining of students.

Mental Job Requirements:

  • Position involves handling multiple tasks at once while dealing with constant interruptions.
  • Position involves exercising confidentiality in handling information.
  • Position involves flexibility and a willingness to undertake a variety of tasks, sometimes at the direction of more than one person.
  • Position involves accuracy, organizing and prioritizing tasks in order to meet deadlines.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

30% Supervision/Discipline of Students

A. Assist in supporting classroom discipline. Inform teacher and/or principal of discipline problems. Handle minor discipline situations according to district discipline guidelines.

B. Assist in implementing behavior management programs.

C. Supervise and monitor students on playground, study hall, locker room, lunchroom, hallway, etc.

D. Assist with deescalating student(s).

E. Intervene in an emergency situation and implement the use of student restraint when necessary.

30% Reinforce Classroom Instruction

A. Assist teacher with student by guiding, assisting or reinforcing lessons.

B. Explain or interpret instructions and assignments while working with student one-to-one or in small groups.

C. Administer and correct tests/quizzes.

D. Collect and maintain data as directed by supervising teacher.

E. Provide ongoing input and suggest modifications to lessons as needed for student and as specified in the IEP under the directions of licensed staff. The IEP could include working with student in adaptive physical education class.

F. Extensive knowledge of multiple technology mediums and assistive technology including the ability to scan and transfer information from one device to another. Adapt to various policies and regulations.

20% Program Support

A. Prepare and assemble materials for instruction, projects, events, activities, games, bulletin boards and other resources.

B. Gather, set up, operate and return supplemental instructional materials and equipment.

C. Assist with assessment activities and observations and attend meetings with parents, if requested.

D. Recommend ideas, identify problems and aid in problem solving.

E. Report and assist with first aid and emergency care.

10% Record Keeping/Reports

A. Reports any significant behavioral or academic concerns and maintains a daily log of student goals and behaviors.

B. Consults with licensed staff regarding progress and facilitating learning.

5% Communication

A. Maintain communication with teacher regarding schedules, student progress and problem solving on a daily basis.

B. Provide feedback and share ideas with appropriate staff.

3% Personal Assistance

A. Attend to and provide for student(s) daily hygiene, personal and health related cares, including dressing, feeding, lifting, transferring, toileting, diapering, and medical care as directed by teacher.

B. Assist with student(s) occupational therapy and physical therapy directives.

2% Professional Development

A. Attend in-services and workshops as appropriate.

Perform other duties as assigned or requested.

Working Conditions: 

  • Majority of work is performed in normal classroom conditions.
  • Position involves occasional exposure to blood/bodily fluids and airborne pathogens.
  • Position involves occasional exposure to outside temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Position involves noise from students.
  • Position involves exposure to students with special needs.
  • Position involves potential exposure to emotional outbursts.

Application Days/Hours:

Working days match the days students are in session (175 days) and 6.75 hours/day paid based on the current Paraprofessional Association contract rate.