Student Support Services | Districtwide | Available: 08/26/2024 | Closing: Open until filled



1.0 FTE behavioral analyst
District wide position – elementary focus
189 days based on the teachers’ salary schedule, plus benefits
To provide consultation, training, modeling, coaching/mentoring, and ongoing practice of behavior management techniques to district staff.

  • Assess and conduct functional behavioral assessments and individual student behavior plans for students in conjunction with building student assistant teams.
  • Assist in developing/coordinating student plans in order to increase the likelihood the student will function effectively in the school setting.
  • Make contact with building administration and mainstream teachers to support buildings to monitor student behavior and engage in proactive solutions and problem solving.
  • Attend student staffing to problem solve and discuss interventions related to the area of concerns for students in Tier 3.
  • Provide consultation to buildings as requested for students struggling behaviorally through observation and providing recommendations.
  • Make recommendations on collecting data on student progress. Train on data collection procedures for buildings when working with students, teachers, and building administration.
  • Collaborate with Special Education Behavior Analysts.
  • Work in collaboration with the Coordinator of Early Intervening Services.
  • Have a strong understanding of PBIS and MTSS.
  • Provide training in de-escalation techniques, FBAs, Social Skills and evidenced based interventions for social emotional learning.
  • Provide ongoing consultation, training and modeling to all staff to increase their knowledge and skills in working with students with challenging behaviors.
  • Provide support to middle school and high school buildings.
  • Complete Functional Behavior Assessments with required team members in buildings.
  • Follow necessary procedures.
  • Facilitate inclusive opportunities when appropriate.
  • Be an advocate for students and assist in carrying out department and school district unified district vision.
  • Collaborate with other district specialists.
  • Help develop and implement current best practices for PBIS district wide.
  • Maintaining data privacy is utmost important in this role.


  • Knowledge of the principles of behavioral learning, evaluation techniques, and management techniques are critical in this position.
  • In depth knowledge and experience with functional behavioral analysis and positive behavior intervention are preferred.
  • The ability/skill to interact cooperatively with a wide range of staff.
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • The ability to coach/mentor and work alongside of building and district administration, teachers, and educational assistants.
  • This position requires a Master’s degree in behavioral analysis and/ or a school and board certification.
  • Experience in working with students with significant disabilities and behavioral needs.
  • Report to the Director of Student Services.

Apply on- line at and include a resume, transcripts, and licenses with your on-line application.

Apply online at under “Student Support Services.”


Anh Tran
Human Resources Program Director
4148 Winnetka Avenue North
New Hope, MN 55427