Curriculum and Education Services | Social Worker | Achieve Language Academy | Available: Fall 2024 | Closing: 05/20/2024


Achieve Language Academy

Job Description


JOB TITLE: Social Worker/Special Services Coordinator

SUPERVISOR: Executive Director

JOB SUMMARY: Serve as member of school leadership team. Serve as the primary social worker for the school to assist students in development of individual potential. Provide leadership in planning, development and assessment of special services, reporting requirements, maintenance of records, supervision of special services staff and consultants, overseeing financial activities/procedures.



Job Duties and Responsibilities

Coordinating and planning

  • Assist in the development of administrative policies, procedures and curriculum, which directly affect the welfare of students. 
  • Provide leadership in planning, development and assessment of special services, reporting requirements, maintenance of records, overseeing financial activities/procedures. 
  • Assist in supervising and evaluating special services staff.
  • Provide leadership in the development and implementation of a social skills curriculum for Prek-8 .
  • Coordinate CTARS process and serve as team leader.
  • Serve as harassment coordinator and primary harassment investigator for the school.
  • Assist in the writing of comprehensive evaluation/report(s) of students in response to a special education referral.
  • Serve as liaison to MACS Special Education project and CFL Special Education staff.
  • Oversee preparing required state reports and tuition billing.
  • Assist in supervision of special services staff and identified support staff.

Service to students

  • Provide service to special education students as assigned on the lEP.
  •  Assist with overseeing and monitoring student disciprine and transportation violations.
  • Work with individual students and small groups to develop social skills.
  • Serve as conflict mediation coach.
  • Coordinate, monitor, and report student attendance.
  • Serve as advocate for students in the classroom.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring in classroom as needed to provide a successful environment for identified students.
  • Provide prevention programs.
  • Maintain necessary records for services provided.

Service to parents 

  • Coordinate home visits with families as necessary.
  • Serve as primary contact for school families looking for or needing help or in crisis. 
  • Act as a liaison between home and school. 
  • Make referrals to community agencies. 

Service to staff 

  • Assist in providing classroom support for identified students and students in crisis.
  • Serve as volunteer program recruiter and coordinator.
  • Assist in establishing and coordinating socíal service community partnerships.


Qualifications, Experience and skills:

A valid Minnesota school social worker license Masters degree in social work and evidence in-depth knowledge of special education programs, with in-depth experience working with individuals with exceptional needs. 3 years experience in a school setting.


  • Knowledge of policies, state laws/regulations related to schools.
  • Understanding of special education funding and tuition billing.
  • An understanding of the IEP process, knowledge of current state law/regulations regarding special education standards.
  • Leadership skills in working with individuals and groups (i.e. initiating individual or group discussion, listening, clarifying and facilitating interactions and sharing of ideas).
  • Ability to prepare social and family histories and cooperate on the formulation of committee reports; social work case reporting and writing skills.
  • Ability to counsel students, parents, and staff individually and in groups.
  • Skills in conducting effective meetings and conferences, (including the resolution of disagreements); skill in socio-environmental analysis and diagnosis on problem students.
  • A knowledge of community resources.
  • Skill in communicating concepts and information accurately orally or in writing, including formal reports.
  • Ability to demonstrate effective liaison relationships with parents, schools, and agencies.
  • Ability to coordinate activities from many sources for the benefit of an individual student, and to make arrangements for groups of students.
  • Ability to aid in school program development.
  • Special Education certification.