Community Education | SAC Lead | John F. Kennedy Elementary


School Age Care Lead 

Under the direction of the SAC Program Coordinator, the Program Lead is responsible for planning, organizing, implementing and monitoring the daily activities of staff and children in the before and after school program for children 5-12 yrs. to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment. This is a year-round position.

Classification:  7
Pay and Benefits: Per the Community Education Paraprofessional Contract  $21.54/hr 


• Plans and implements daily activities and plans that are fun and educational. Activities include subject areas in art, music, drama, cooking, math and science.
     a) Interacts with children and assists in supervising activities. Monitors children activities in room, gym and playground.
     b) Takes attendance and maintains student records.
     c) Provides and leads a variety of enrichment and recreational choices and activities.
     d) Models and teaches appropriate behaviors.
     e) Monitors and provides for a safe and secure environment for the children.

• Coordinates, organizes, monitors and leads program staff and students to conduct daily activities of the program.
    a) Monitors, assigns and coordinates staff activities and functions.
    b) Provides on-site training and orientation to new staff.
    c) Provides input and feedback to Coordinator concerning staff performance issues and concerns.
    d) Provides assistance to staff and students in daily concerns, problems and/or issues.

• Completes, updates and maintains site records, files, activity logs, and attendance sheets.

• Communicates with building staff, nursing staff, parents or the program coordinator concerning student issues, and scheduled events.
    a) Assists in writing newsletters to inform parents of activities, problems and issues.
    b) Meets with parents to communicate and inform them regarding behaviors and observations.
    c) Works with department staff to identify developing problems or issues with children or program activities and functions.

• Administers appropriate medications to children as prescribed and consistent with program guidelines. • Assists staff in the set up, cleaning and tear down of the program site.

• Performs other duties of a comparable level or type, as required. a) Attends training sessions, conferences, seminars, district and departmental meeting


  • Minimum of one year directly related work experience in working with school aged children
  • First Aid/CPR Certified


  • Knowledge of practices, techniques, and fundamentals of school aged child care programming and services.
  • Fundamentals of work coordination and delegation.
  • Fundamentals of child development
  • Knowledge of relevant laws, rules, regulations or guidelines pertaining to school aged care programs, operations, and safety requirements.
  • Knowledge of Kid’s Kampus program operational policies and procedures.

• Skilled in assigning work, leading and coordinating work activities and priorities of site personnel.
• Oral and written communication skills.
• Supervising groups of children in accordance with behavioral guidelines and rules to assure an appropriate environment and the safety of participants and staff.
• Planning and implementing site activities in accordance with program themes.
• Updating and preparing site files, records and reports in accordance with department requirements.
• Dealing with children, staff, parents, administrators and building personnel concerning issues and activities. Interactions require the explanation of program operational rules and working with others to gain cooperation and understanding of educational issues/needs.