Substitute Paraprofessional | Substitute Paraprofessional | District Service Center (DSC) | Available: 2024-2025 School Year | Closing: Ongoing posting


Minnetonka Public Schools is accepting applications for Paraprofessional Substitutes for the 2024-2025 school year. We are actively reviewing applications. 

Benefits of being a para substitute:

  • Flexible Schedule
  • You decide when you work
  • Try different para positions in different schools to see what fits you best
  • We often hire out of our substitute pool for our para positions
  • Temporary positions offered to para substitute pool first
  • Great first step back into the work force or a great second career
  • Stepping stone to a career in education
  • Opportunity for College Students home on break

If you have any questions please email Sucheta Mahankali at
The following is a summary of the substitute pay rates and a listing of our paraprofessional positions for which we may need a substitute.
Sub Pay Rates:
Class A-C Positions $16.80
Class D Positions: $17.06
Class E Positions: $18.48

Class A
Bus/Traffic Paraprofessional* (If this is the employee’s only assignment)
Lunchroom/Playground Paraprofessional
Recreation Paraprofessional
Class B
Childcare Paraprofessional
Child Associate/Primary Project Paraprofessional
Confident Kids Paraprofessional
Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) and Minnetonka Preschool Paraprofessional
Hall Paraprofessional (High School)
Layreader Paraprofessional (High School)
Print Shop Paraprofessional (Service Center)
Production Room Paraprofessional (High School)
Science Paraprofessional (High School)
Student Supervisory Paraprofessional (Middle School)
Supervisory Paraprofessional for Swimming (Middle School)
World Language Paraprofessional (High School)
Class C
American Sign Language Paraprofessional
Academic Student Support Paraprofessional
Behavior Planning Paraprofessional
Chinese Immersion Paraprofessional
Classroom Paraprofessional
High Potential/Independent Investigations Paraprofessional (HP)
Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Learning Lab/ADHD Paraprofessional
Math Support Paraprofessional
Minnetonka Research Paraprofessional
Navigator Paraprofessional
Project Think Paraprofessional
Spanish Immersion Paraprofessional
Student Behavior Resource Room Paraprofessional (Middle School)
Study Hall (MHS) and Study Lunch (Middle School) Paraprofessional
Teaching and Learning Paraprofessional (DSC)
Class D1
Early Childhood Special Education Paraprofessional (ECSE)
Special Education Behavior Paraprofessional
Special Education Paraprofessional
Class D2
English Language Learners Paraprofessional (ELL)
Media Paraprofessional
Swimming Paraprofessional (Middle Schools)
Class E
Health Paraprofessional
Middle School Student Climate Paraprofessional

Hiring Administrator:
Sucheta Mahankali, Human Resource Specialist