Paraprofessional | Century Middle School


9 month position/ 5 days a week at Century Middle School, part time position starting August 26th, 2024

Park Rapids Area Schools
Independent School District No 309
Park Rapids, MN  56470
POSITION TITLE:              PARAPROFESSIONAL, Special Education
POSITION PURPOSE:        To assist students individually or in small groups as assigned by supervising teacher.
SUPERVISOR:  Century Principal, Mike LeMier
A.     Two years of study at an institution of higher education:
         Minnesota’s standard:  A minimum of 60 semester credits or the amount required to complete two years of full time enrollment as determined by the institution attended;
B.     An Associate’s degree; or
         Minnesota’s standard:  An AA, AS, AAS (or higher) degree;
C.     A demonstration, through a formal state or local academic assessment;
a.  knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing reading, writing and math; or
b.   knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing reading readiness, writing readiness and mathematics readiness as appropriate.
Minnesota’s standard can be met one of three ways;
1.   A passing score on an assessment from the state approved list;
2.   Demonstrating all Minnesota Paraprofessional Core Competencies (1-8) by local district validation of a portfolio through:  transferable work experience, college courses, workshops/conferences, Para eLink and demonstration of skill using Para eLink or a similar curriculum that focuses on recent training addressed in Competency 9 of Reading, Math and Writing.
3.   State approved local assessment.* (criteria listed below)
* Criteria for Local Assessments;
A local assessment must satisfy the following criteria, and be submitted to MDE for approval; Reliable, valid, accessible, objective, comparable to two years of higher education, and able to measure knowledge and ability to assist in instructing reading, writing, and math (or reading, writing and math readiness) in the language of instruction.
D.  A demonstration of knowledge and ability to assist students with reading and/or reading readiness, writing and/or writing readiness, math and/or mathematics readiness as appropriate.
            E.  Demonstration of knowledge of computers.

  1. Provide individual or small groups of students, on a regular basis, with the academic support they need as directed.
  1. Using lesson plans and instructional strategies developed by a licensed professional, prepare and organize materials to assist instruction of students using developmentally and age appropriate strategies, equipment, materials, and technologies to accomplish instructional objectives.
  1. Maintain an emotional and physically safe environment for all students by applying caring and effective disciplinary procedures and fostering positive social interaction skills with a wide variety of physical, mental, and behavior problems.  Consider cultural backgrounds and medication effects.
  1. Participates in IEP case management team meetings as directed by licensed teacher.
  1. Utilizes strategies that promote the independence of the learner, including positive reinforcement techniques.  Paraprofessional may assist other students when target child does not require assistance.
  1. Collaborate and communicate with certified teachers and student support staff to recommend and implement the goals and objectives of the students. 
  1. Collects data, documenting student behavior and academic performance, on a daily basis or as needed.
  1. Administers, scores and records tests as directed by supervisor.
  1. Assist students with tasks they are unable to perform without direct assistance.
  1. Accompany and supervise students as needed during emergency drills, assemblies, or other non-classroom gatherings. 
  1. Physically assist and control students who have varying disabilities and emotional needs per direction of special education teacher and/or IEP. 
  1. Provide guidance and supervision on school bus, as required. 
  1. Maintain confidential information as required.
  1. Performs other duties, responsibilities, and supervision as assigned by the building principal/supervisor.