Non-Certified Student Support Personnel | Lunchroom/Noon Supervisor | Twin Oaks Middle School | Available: 09/05/2023 | Closing: Until Filled


Lunchroom Supervisor (2)
Begins September 5, 2023
3.25 hrs/day, Student Contact Days

TITLE:                            NOON  SUPERVISOR  РSecondary                                                             
QUALIFICATIONS:       1.    High school graduate.
                                       2.    Ability to work with staff.
                                       3.    Ability to work effectively with students.
                                       4.    Ability to supervise large numbers of students.
REPORTS  TO:             Building Principal / Assistant Principals
JOB  GOALS:                To supervise students during lunch periods.
   1.    Monitors student behavior during lunch periods.
   2.    Helps students resolve conflicts in the lunchroom.
   3.    Works with building principal in establishing and enforcing appropriate rules.
   4.    Maintains a neat and orderly lunch room.