Non-Certified Student Support Personnel | Lunchroom/Noon Supervisor | WestWood Elementary | Available: September 7, 2023 | Closing: Until Filled


Noon Supervisors – Elementary
Begins Sept. 7, 2023
2.25 hrs/day, student contact days.
$16.73/hr plus Paid Time Off benefits

TITLE:                            NOON  SUPERVISOR                                                                                        N-500
QUALIFICATIONS:       1.    High school graduate
                                       2.    Ability to work cooperatively with staff
                                       3.    Ability to work effectively with students
                                       4.    Willingness to work outside in adverse weather conditions
                                       5.    Ability to supervise large numbers of students
REPORTS  TO:             Building Principal
JOB  GOALS: To supervise students during noon hour lunch period.
   1.    Monitors student behavior during noon hour period.
   2.    Helps students resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.
   3.    Works with building principal in establishing appropriate safety rules.
   4.    Reports unsafe playground situations to building principal.
   5.    Enforces all safety rules.
   6.    Monitors time that each class is outside and assures they get to class on time.
   7.    Assists students who are hurt until help arrives.
   8.    Assists in seeing that student are properly dressed for cold weather.
TERMS  OF  EMPLOYMENT:    As assigned by building principal