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Noon Duty Paraprofessional – Pipestone Area Schools

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: Assists in maintain an orderly, safe, and pleasant atmosphere at recess by supervising students during recess time.
• Supervises students and maintain a cooperative, safe atmosphere during recess.
• Maintains confidentiality about students in accordance with school and district guidelines.
• Encourage positive play and cooperation while communicating playground and recess rules.
• Emphasizes fair play and courtesy, and circulates among students and attempt to resolve minor problems as they arise.
• Monitors and initiates action to protect students during adverse weather conditions.
• Assumes responsibility for daily storage of playground equipment after the playground period.
• Responds to student requests for assistance, and avoids being intrusive. Solves concerns discreetly.
• Supervises dismissal of students from the playground area back into the school building.
• Questions any non-school visitors and refer them to the main office for the proper sign-in procedures.
• Brings medical problems and injuries to the immediate attention of the building principal and/or school nurse.
• Informs building administration immediately of any serious and/or persistent disciplinary problems or safety concerns.
• Maintains a positive, professional demeanor at all times including, but not limited to, use of appropriate language.
• Maintains an appropriate record of punctuality and attendance.
• Demonstrates initiative, independence and decision-making appropriate to the performance tasks of this position.
• Upholds board policies and follows administrative guidelines/procedures.
• Promotes a professional image of the school district.
• Performs any other duties or responsibilities designated by the Principal.

Paraprofessionals report to the building principal. 
Paraprofessionals are compensated according to the current master agreement.
To apply:
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Pipestone Area Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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