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Responsible for the safe running of the swimming pool

Job Summary:

    Lifeguard duties at the pool will include:

  • Enforce all policies, rules, and regulations

  • Recognize and respond promptly to emergencies

  • Completes facility records, accident reports, incident reports, and other forms assigned in a timely manner

  • Protects all property and equipment

  • Handles cleaning and custodial work in the locker rooms and other areas assigned

  • Works assigned hours

  • Performs and completes other related work as assigned

  • Communicates clearly and uses discipline fairly and consistently


Min. age of 15; Certification in Lifeguard training, CPR for the professional rescuer or equivalent, first aid

Reliable, courteous, positive attitude, ready to act, fit and alert, ability to manage crowds and enforce safety procedures, supervision skills

Must be able to swim 500 continuous yards using a combination of Breaststroke, Front Crawl and Back Crawl.  Retrieve a 10 lb. object from a depth of no less than 8 feet and swim 20 yards holding it in both hands, Tread water for 3 minutes (last two minutes using legs only).

Working Conditions:
Shift requires rotation requiring appropriate dress

Application Procedure:
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