Child Care | Kids Corner Program Assistant | Cloquet Community Education | Available: 05/03/2024


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 Assist the Kids Corner Coordinator and Program Manager in the operation of the program. Helps create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all children and staff.

Supervise in the absence of the Coordinator or Program Manager to ensure that all policies and proper procedures are followed.

Actively participate with children in daily activities which include the planning and preparation necessary for a high quality program.

Job Summary:
Position is during out of school time.  Before and after school and non-school days.  No evenings or weekends.  Work with children ages kindergarten to 4th grade.

Actively participate with children in daily activities.

  1. Encourage positive behavior among the children, such as: cooperation, sharing, manners, personal hygiene and constructive use of time.   Maintain a current count of the number of children in their group.

  2. Supervises high school staff.

  3. Provides a variety of ideas for activities for children on each shift.

  4. Actively participates with children in daily activities; watches to make sure all children are engaged in some activity at all times. Is mindful of the “loner, shy child” and finds ways to get them engaged in room activities and with other children.   

  5. Fill out/process accident and head injury report forms and provide parents with original and files copy in the child’s file. Parent is called for any head injury or significant bodily injury. “Significant” meaning any injury that you feel the parent would want to be informed of before they pick up their child. This gives the parent the option of coming to check on their child – both head injury and other injury. Initial and date in appropriate space that parent was called/notified. 

  6. Discipline in accordance with the Kids Corner policy.

  7. Preps and serves snacks. Cleans dishes after snack.

     Retrieves children from classrooms and rides the bus as needed.    


Experience in supervising staff, excellent rapport with children and parents, ability to uphold policies and procedures in absence of the coordinator and program manager, excellent communication and customer relation skills, time management, planning and organization skills.

Working Conditions:
Work is typically performed in children’s group environment.

Application Procedure:
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