Elementary School Teaching | Title Teacher | Minnesota Transitions Charter School Elementary | Available: 08/14/2024


Date of Availability: 08/14/2024
Elementary Intervention Teacher- Math  1.0 FTE РMTS Elementary 

The ADSIS Interventionist will provide direct, small group/individual instructional interventions for qualifying students in grades K-6 using the FastBridge assessment system.  This person will manage the data surrounding students for whom intervention is provided, and collaborate with teachers and parents regarding students’ ADSIS qualification. The interventionist will also monitor progress resulting from interventions, and criteria for exiting the program. 

The purpose of ADSIS (Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services) is to provide instruction to assist students who need additional academic support to succeed in the general education environment.

Qualification Required: Current Minnesota teaching license K-6 or 1-6

General Information:

Position Title:

ADSIS Interventionist


Teaching and Learning

Immediate Supervisor’s Position Title:


FLSA Status:



Job Summary: The ADSIS Interventionist will provide direct instructional interventions for qualifying students, manage the data about students from whom intervention is provided, and collaborate with teachers and parents regarding students’ ADSIS qualification, progress resulting from interventions, and exiting the program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Tasks involved in fulfilling the above duty/responsibility:

  • Determine appropriate intervention

  • Implement intervention with fidelity

  • Adjust intervention in response to student data

  • Confer with the classroom teacher and or/PLC

  • Communicate with parents for program entrance, progress, and exit

  • Communicate with ADSIS and Problem Solving Team

  • Schedule students and small groups to receive the intervention

  • Determine students eligible for ADSIS services by examining the data and knowing the entrance criteria

  • Record and analyze intervention data, including progress monitoring and intervention adjustments

  • Monitor eligibility for exit

  • Submit records in compliance with district and state guidelines

  • Other duties as assigned per ADSIS guidelines


BA or BS in Elementary Education License K-6 or 1-6

Essential Knowledge and specialized subject knowledge required to perform the essential functions of the job:

  • Working knowledge of academic and social skills commensurate with the student‚Äôs age and developmental level.

  • The ability to research and implement individual interventions based on a student’s needs.

  • Understanding of data collection and analysis methods.

Essential Skills Required to Perform The Work:

  • Listening, written, and oral communication skills

  • Data Collection and recording methodologies

  • Knowledge of intervention strategies in reading, mathematics, and/or student behavior

Salary and Benefits based on experience

Please do not send paper copies to district.  Only apply online and upload your documents.

FLSA Status:       Exempt