Community Education | Activity Leader | Oak Grove, Olson, & Valley View Middle Schools | Available: Ongoing for 23-24 | Closing: Ongoing for 23-24


  Activity Leader

2 hours per day
4 days a week
School Year FUSION Programming Days

  Class III Range: $16.47 Р$21.36/hour

Required Experience: 
   Previous experience working with school age youth in a leadership role.
   Planning program activities experience

Preferred Experience:
   Post Secondary coursework in education or relate area
   Experience working with diverse families
   Inclusion or special needs experience


Job Description:

Under the general direction of the Site Lead, the Fusion Activity Lead assists with transitioning students from school day to after school activity areas. Activity Leads will also assist with development, implementation and supporting after school learning activities and experiences, including organizing and conducting activities, tutoring, events, and monitoring of students.

Job Skills and Abilities:

– Ability to build developmentally appropriate relationships with middle school students that helps foster a variety of learning and life experiences.

– Ability to work in a collaborative team.

РAbility to take direction from Site Lead, Targeted Services Coordinator, Targeted Services TOSA, and teachers to provide students with academic support. 

– Ability to plan engaging and relevant activities for middle school students that are developmentally appropriate and build skills.

– Ability to work with students who have specific academic or behavioral needs to support their success in the program.


Essential Duties

  • Assist in planning and implementation of academic, enrichment, health, and recreational extra-curricular learning experiences for students.

  • Assist tutoring of students in academic subjects such as reading, writing, math, and other areas.¬†

  • Work effectively with students in after school activities and assist with behavior management, discipline, interpersonal actions, and act as a role model.¬†

  • Support environments that are safe, healthy, and conducive to student learning.¬†¬†

  • Assist recruitment and enrollment of students in afterschool programs and activities, including registering students for the Activity Bus.

  • Participate in staff training and professional development opportunities.¬†¬†

  • Work effectively with students of different ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

  • Provide instructional support to students in the ‚Äúclassroom‚ÄĚ setting.

  • Assist in implementation of assigned tasks including instruction and assisting students academically.

  • Monitor student‚Äôs skills of independence and implementation of ‚Äúclassroom‚ÄĚ of individual behavior management program.

  • Ensure accurate student attendance.

  • Other job duties as assigned or apparent.

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