Equity Services | Oak Hill Elementary


Hourly, Full-time 
Hours may vary based on program needs
Position will serve Oak Hill and Clearview Elementary Schools
Must speak fluent Spanish

Director of Equity Services

  • B.A. or B.S. in education, behavioral sciences or related field
  • Three years’ experience in education
  • Experience working with multiple racial, cultural and ethnic populations
  • Strong verbal, written, and electronic communication skills
  • Skills including planning, supervision, problem solving, conflict resolution, and team collaboration as necessary to consistently act in a manner that promotes a harmonious and effective workplace environment
  • Fluent in Spanish


  • Master’s degree in education, behavioral sciences or related field 
  • Three to five years classroom experience

Under the general supervision of the Director of Equity Services, the Coordinator will focus specifically on closing the achievement gap.  This position coordinates the development, implementation, and evaluation of the diversity and equity activities, programs and services in the district to effectively support students’ personal, social emotional and academic achievement needs through targeted guidance, outreach, consultation, and education services for students, families and staff.  This position will assist and help to facilitate the delivery of instructional best practices to students with diverse needs.  The Coordinator will collaborate with the Teaching and Learning faculty to create curriculum, access resources, and provide services that will ensure equitable practices across the district.  In addition, the coordinator will develop systems for family outreach partnerships and promote early childhood awareness through adult education.  

$45,000 – $60,000
Online application,; attach documentation supporting required degree  


  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures of school equity program administration
  • Comprehensive knowledge of school board objectives, procedures and organization
  • Comprehensive knowledge of school personnel and administrative practices, procedures and methods
  • Comprehensive knowledge of school regulations and laws
  • Proficient in the use of personal computers, Office software and related software packages, hardware and peripheral equipment
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate complex ideas effectively in both oral and written forms
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with administrators, teachers and support staff
  • Demonstrated ability to conceptualize, initiate, monitor and evaluate new and/or current programs
  • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, consultants, associates, school officials and the general public


  • Under the supervision of the Director of Equity Services, work collaboratively with building and district leadership to identify factors which contribute to the achievement gap.
  • In partnership with the Director of Equity Services, develop a bridge of support and knowledge between administrators, equity staff, teachers, students and families in order to improve student achievement and close the gap in alignment with the strategic goals of the District.
  • Collect data and track students’ success on identified measures of achievement.
  • Provide training opportunities for district staff.
  • Partner with the Director of Equity Services to develop, implement and evaluate strategies to increase the cultural competency of all students.
  • Assist the Director of Equity Services in identifying and implementing strategies to increase community integration partnerships and minimize barriers to integration of staff and students.
  • Support the Director of Equity Services in collaborating with other District leadership to develop philosophy, practices and strategies around integration and educational equity. 
  • Create and maintain systems for family outreach to support the learning of our diverse populations of students.
  • Assist the Director of Equity Services in collecting and disseminating information from data driven research, promising educational practices, and professional resources to improve the educational experience of racial, ethnic and economically diverse students.
  • Exercise independent judgments within policy guidelines as appropriate to serve as a resource person and ensure understanding and implementation of District procedures.
  • Act as a consultant to teachers, administrators and other staff regarding culture, heritage and background of students and families of color.
  • Develop team-building and leadership opportunities for students of color.
  • Identify and arrange for tutors for students of color and their families.
  • Support classroom teachers in interaction with students of color and help with new student orientation.
  • Partner with school principals and staff on student assessment, referrals, guidance services and other student/family concerns to facilitate effective learning strategies.
  • Consult and collaborate with school principals and staff to build greater individual and school capacity for supporting the social and academic success of students of color.
  • Enthusiastically promote the School Districts goals and priorities in compliance with all policies and procedures.
  • Provide direct service to individuals or groups of students identified for support.
  • Provide general consultation on cultural factors in school curriculum and programming.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Frequent:  walking, standing, sitting, hearing, talking, and seeing

All Employees of Saint Cloud School District 742 are responsible to support District goals, to work collaboratively and respectfully with diverse populations of staff, students and parents and to model and promote a welcoming working and learning environment.  Employees are expected to support and adapt to change and to demonstrate commitment to continuous performance improvement.  Employees are responsible to establish and maintain effective communication with students, teachers, support staff, colleagues and parents, respect confidential matters, encourage a safe and secure environment throughout the District, and to be dependable and accountable in the performance of their work.
It is the prerogative of the District to assign staff so as to best meet the needs of the District.