Special Education Providers | Special Education Teacher | District Wide | Available: 8/26/24 | Closing: 06/30/2024


  Developmental/Adapted Physical Education Teacher (LCR)

Effective Date:
  08/26/2024 – 11/22/2024

 1.0 FTE 

Required Licensure:

Experience required:

  • Experience as a DAPE teacher working with Special Education students with a variety of disabilities.
  • Ability to individualize instruction and programs for special education students in DAPE services, teaching students in individually designed physical education.
  • Knowledge and experience of Special Education Due process including development of IEP’s, conducting assessments and evaluation in the gross motor area, progress reporting, understanding qualifying criteria for DAPE and data collection.
  • Ability to work well with a team of special education professionals for the success of the student.
  • Ability to collaborate with Physical Education teachers on programs for students.
  • Ability to work with paraprofessionals in the DAPE classroom for the success of students.
  • Highly organized and able to schedule and work within school programs to set up classes and schedules for students.

Major Responsibilities:    

  • Teaching students in DAPE classes and Physical Education classes according to IEP’s
  • Completing all Due Process requirements for students in DAPE
  • Conducting assessment and evaluation for students to qualify for DAPE and 3 year reevaluations
  • Working collaboratively on Special Education teams including regular education

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