Special Education | Board Certified Behavior Analyst | Various Dakota County locations | Available: August 20, 2024



Date Posted: February 8, 2024

Position Title: Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Special Education

Assignment Location: Multiple Locations in the Dakota County Area, with the Students with Unique Needs (SUN) Program, Transitional Ed Service Alternative Program (TESA) Program 

Hours per Day: 8.0

Schedule: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, following the assigned school calendar

Anticipated Start Date: August 20, 2024

Contract Length: 190 workdays during the 2024 – 2025 school year, continuing contract

Salary: As negotiated


Under the supervision of the Assistant Director/Principal, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst for Intermediate School District 917’s Special Education programs plays a vital role in providing a consistent, safe environment conducive to learning. In this role, one helps lead, model, and encourage respect, communication, and competency through the use of assessments, the development and implementation of positive behavior interventions, the reinforcement of positive behaviors, and use of de-escalation techniques. Professionalism, empathy, and a non-judgmental approach are essential when working with students receiving special education services to ensure their safety and growth and in order to help them understand and exhibit appropriate behaviors at school and in the community. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst will be stepping into a team environment daily, where collaboration, communication, and adaptability are key to the success of the individual, the team, and the success of the students. This role is performed following District policy and State/Federal Laws.


  • Consult, communicate, and work cooperatively with teams to provide appropriate programming for students and maintain a positive work environment for all.
  • Conduct functional behavior assessments.
  • Implement positive behavior interventions and supports to support student progress, reinforcing positive behaviors, utilizing de-escalation techniques, and redirecting inappropriate behaviors. May be required to use restrictive procedures.
  • Support the development and implementation of individualized education plans in accordance with district practice and state and federal requirements.
  • Provide training to staff related to behavioral recommendations.
  • Comply with School Board policies and administrative practices, including those procedures outlined in the staff and student handbooks.
  • Help to maintain safety of all students and the environment.
  • Utilize data to inform programming decisions and planning for student success.
  • Uses flexible thinking and adaptability to address student needs and responds calmly during crisis situations, when necessary.


  1. Behavior Analyst (BCBA) preferred.
  2. Experience consulting and implementing positive behavior interventions and supports.
  3. Willingness and ability to work with students receiving a high-level of special education services.
  4. Skills in completing due process paperwork and communicating with parents and other team members.
  5. Willingness to complete training in Professional Crisis Management and implement restrictive procedures.
  6. Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication with staff, students, and parents that is maintained during high-stress and crisis situations.
  7. Basic computer and email skills.


  1. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds weight and up to adult-size body weight with two-to-three-person lift.
  2. Ability to support a student’s full body weight up to adult size.
  3. Frequently requires standing, walking, lifting, bending, leaning, and repetitive motions.
  4. Occasionally requires sitting, stooping, kneeling, and crouching.
  5. Ability to tolerate sudden jarring movement.
  6. Work occasionally requires exposure to outdoor weather conditions and exposure to bloodborne pathogens and may require wearing of personal protective equipment.
  7. Locations are generally moderately noisy.



Intermediate School District 917 provides special education, career & technical education (CTE), and/or alternative learning for nine member districts in the south metro.  Our programs are located in more than 20 sites throughout the south metro, including Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) where our district office is located.  We focus on being purposeful, personalized partners within our community as we model an innovative culture with diverse pathways serving students and families through equitable practices with highly trained staff.  The culture of ISD 917 is built on the core values of collaboration, empathy, innovation, stewardship, communication, integrity, personalization, equity, and diversity.  Our programs are designed to provide high quality, equitable, and specialized programming to meet the needs of all students.  We serve students from birth through age 21 in a variety of special education programs located in multiple sites.  Our CTE programs are all located at DCTC, and our alternative learning program (Dakota County Area Learning School (DCALS) has two locations, one co-located in DCTC in Rosemount and one in West St. Paul.  At ISD 917, we belong to each other, and no one is invisible.  
Mission  (= Our Core Purpose)
In partnership with member districts, Intermediate School District 917 provides high quality, equitable, and specialized programming to meet the needs of all students.
Vision (= What We Intend to Create)
Intermediate School District 917 models an innovative culture with diverse pathways serving students and families through equitable practices with highly trained staff.
Core Values (= Drivers of Our Words and Actions)

  • Collaboration: Working together to achieve more collectively.
  • Empathy:  Considering and respecting the perspective and needs of member districts, students, families and staff.
  • Innovation:  Ongoing improvement of programs and services.
  • Stewardship:  Managing financial and human resources carefully and responsibly.
  • Communication:  Multi-dimensional, transparent conversation focused on sharing information and creating a positive learning and working environment. 
  • Integrity:  Aligning our actions with our values and beliefs.
  • Personalization:  Building on the strengths and addressing the unique needs of individual students.
  • Equity:  Intentionally providing opportunities while removing barriers at all levels of the organization.
  • Diversity:  Appreciating and valuing everyone’s unique selves.

Strategic Directions (= Focus of Our Improvement Efforts)

  • Increase student achievement and engagement
  • Support and lead staff through continuous improvement
  • Deepen engagement of stakeholders through quality, equitable communication practices
  • Increase social-emotional learning and skills for students and staff
  • Increase support for ALL through inclusive practices

District Motto
Purposeful. Personalized. Partners.
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Intermediate School District 917 is an equal opportunity employer