Coaching | Assistant Coach | Hopkins High School | Available: 03/15/2023 | Closing: 03/06/2023


Hours of Work:  2-3/day; Monday – Friday; spring season

Job Summary:

  • Support Head Coach at all times, with all populations
  • Work within the system of the program, for the betterment of the individuals and the program
  • Work with Head Coach to deliver quality and credible program
  • Take part in all peripheral aspects of the program, including scouting, booster functions, banquets, etc.
  • Work with Head Coach in evaluation of students performance and capabilities
  • Other duties as assigned by Head Coach or Activities Director


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferred
  • Substantial and positive experience as Head or Assistant Coach/Director
  • Knowledge of program needs and goals
  • Ability to work with all levels of skill and abilities
  • Confidentiality