Athletics/Activities | Minnetonka High School (MHS) | Available: ASAP | Closing: Until Filled


Season Dates:
Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Advise individual student participants in the skills necessary for successful performance.
  2. Manage and supervise student behavior during activity events.
  3. Responsible for all matters pertaining to the organization and administration of advising/coaching an enrichment team.
  4. Provide a positive learning environment for student participants.
  5. Plan and schedule seasonal activity in accordance with District policy.
  6. Assume primary responsibility for scheduling and preparation of area/facility where event is to be held and coordinate with the Student Activities Office.
  7. Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Enforce all rules of the Minnesota State High School League and Minnetonka Public School District Policies as they pertain to the respective enrichment activity.
  2. Assist the Director of Activities with hiring, development and evaluation of assistant advisors, when applicable.
  3. Take necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities, including an emergency action plan.
  4. Recommend purchase of equipment, supplies and uniforms as appropriate to the Director of Activities.
  5. Enforce discipline and sportsmanlike behavior at all times and, establish and oversee activity penalties for breach of such standards by individual students.
  6. Attend, supervise and lead all related activities pertinent to the area of advising.

Knowledge and Skills:

  1. Has knowledge and background in the assigned activity.
  2. Understanding of and agreement with the Minnetonka Public School District’s Student Activity and Athletic Code and the Coaches/Advisors Handbook.
  3. Knowledge of State, Federal and Minnetonka Public School Board Policies regarding student conduct and appropriate disciplinary action.
  4. Evidence of the ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  5. Strong communication and interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with coworkers, supervisor, parents, community members and students.
  6. Ability to receive work direction.
  7. Strong work ethic and dedication to further the benefits of student participation in co-curricular activities.
  8. Physical ability to perform essential job functions.

Compensation in accordance with Schedule C of the Teacher Master Agreement. 

Application Procedure:
Please attach a letter of interest and resume attention Ted Schultz, Director of Activities, and submit with your online application.

Current Employees, please fill out the Internal Application form found on the district website under “District”¬†then “Departments-Human Resources” click¬†“Submit an Internal Application/Transfer Form” found on the right side of the page.¬† Current¬†employees do not need to attach letters of recommendation or transcripts.