High School Teaching | Title I Teacher - Math | Banaadir Academy | Available: August 14, 2024


Secondary Title 1 Math Teacher
1. Hold or eligible to hold a math license.
REPORTS TO: Building Director/ Principal
JOB GOAL: To help provide supplemental instruction and a learning environment that will
enable each student to develop the academic skills appropriate to age, grade level, and individual capacity.

  1. Assists, as a consultant, in determining the academic abilities of all students, as defined by the current grant specifications and to assist in identifying those needing special help.


  1. Participates, as a consultant, in individual case conferences as requested.


  1. Initiates, as a consultant, and/or supports ways to strengthen school-family partnerships.


  1. Supplements, as an instructor, the existing curriculum through collaborative planning with classroom teachers and/or specialists.


  1. Supplements, as an instructor, and/or provides individualized, small group and whole class instruction to meet academic needs.


  1. Investigates, as a resource consultant, and recommends to staff varied instructional materials to supplement curriculum, including, but not limited to textbooks, reference works, manipulatives, trade books and audiovisual aids.


  1. Upon request of school personnel, as a colleague, observes instruction in elementary

classrooms to assist in improving instruction.

  1. Communicates, as a team teacher, with parents and school personnel on student progress 

as necessary.

  1. Administers, as an instructor, assessment (formal/informal) to contribute to student profiles, as needed.


  1. Maintains professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the district and self-selected professional growth activities.


  1.  Identifies pupil needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping pupils solve health, attitude, and learning problems.


  1. Participates, as an educator, in curriculum development programs as required.


  1.  Participates, as a building faculty member, on committees and supports student activities.


  1. Organizes, as a parent liaison, and facilitates workshops/activities to increase parent involvement in the school.


  1. Provides, as a Title 1 teacher, the Title 1 Director with documentation of weekly supervision of non-certified Title 1 staff.


  1. Follows, as a Title 1 teacher, guidelines and program initiatives as regulated in the Title 1 grant proposal.


  1. Performs other such duties as may reasonably be assigned.