Middle School Teaching | Computer | Aurora Charter School | Available: 08/12/2019


Aurora Charter School is seeking a Technology Teacher for the 2019-2020 school year to teach computer skills and keyboarding to elementary and middle school students.

Provide quality instruction aligned to ITSE NETS standards. Use a variety of assessment strategies – diagnostic, formative and summative, to inform instructional decisions and increase student self-management of learning. Rigorous inquiry-based learning tasks engage students in deep content of the discipline as well as the habits of scholarship. Teach students basic computer and keyboarding skills. May be required to work as a member of school committees and collaborate with other teachers to ensure quality integrated instruction across disciplines.

* Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university.
* Prior successful experience student teaching or teaching in an urban, multicultural education setting.
* Demonstrated continued professional development through course work, research, peer collaboration and/or job-embedded staff development.
* A valid Minnesota teaching license in Media or Keyboarding or proof of pending approved licensure.

Essential Functions:
* Have a working knowledge of and the ability to implement the ITSE NETS standards; knowledge of the subject matter, classroom management techniques, and current researched best practices and strategies, as well as students’ learning styles and needs, both academic and affective.
* Teach students the required curricula using strategies that foster thinking, reasoning and problem solving.
* Collaborate with peers to develop, plan and implement best practices based on the needs/abilities of the students.
* Assess students’ developmental, cognitive and social needs and provide developmentally appropriate instruction to meet those needs.
* Create lessons and learning environments that are safe, respectful and interesting as well as multicultural/gender and ability fair/developmentally appropriate.
* Collaborate and communicate regularly with families in making educational decisions and use family and community resources to support learning.
* Assess own instructional effectiveness through the Professional Development Process (PDP).
* Knowledge of and ability to teach
Participate in ongoing and regular staff, team and individual professional development.

Full-time employees are eligible for the school’s medical and dental plans. Based on the plan selected, the school pays all or the majority of the employee’s premium and makes contributions to family plans.

All employees receive paid time off, sick pay, and bereavement days.

All employees are offered voluntary benefits, including life insurance, short-term disability, etc


Starting salary is based upon experience and level of education.