Substitute | Substitute Assistant | District Wide | Available: 2022-2023 School Year | Closing: Until Filled


PRIMARY FUNCTION:  Filling in for absent regular employees to assist teachers and students in the classroom. 
The essential functions of this position vary according to individual positions and may include, but are not limited to, the following fundamental job duties: 
1)¬† Assist in the implementation of the students’ special education instructional plan(s) including physical and behavioral management.¬† This may include feeding, toileting, and diapering students,¬†based on students’ special needs.
2) Assist in the implementation and follow-through of the students’ individual plans in all settings in which the program is delivered and as assigned by the supervising teacher.
3) Assist in the preparation, collection and maintenance of educational materials and equipment.
4) Complete educational forms, reports and other student related data relevant to the individual student(s) in the special education program as directed by the special education teacher.  
5) Assist the teacher in the classroom with tutoring students, collecting student data, and other student activities to ensure effective classroom management.
6) Assist teachers in collecting and prep aring instructional materials.
7) Assist the teacher in the production of materials to be used during class time to ensure effective classroom management. 
8) Supervise students in the lunchroom, classroom, playground, or other assigned areas and may also wipe lunch tables so that students act in a safe manner appropriate to the school environment.
9) May perform general duties; such as, filing, copying, data entry, and answering phones so that the needs of building teachers are met.
10) Supervises students in study halls, hallways, locker rooms, or lunchroom and monitors passes to and from the library, school offices, and classrooms in order to ensure quiet and orderly study hail conducive to learning.
11) Performs general teacher assistant duties for the teachers, administrators and office staff: such as correcting papers, collecting or preparing instructional materials, data entry, reporting student absences and discipline problems so that materials and reports are available as needed.
12)  Any other duties deemed necessary by the team and approved by the building administrator.


1) High School Diploma or equivalent experience.
2) Able to perform tasks and work with children, staff and parents. 
3) Must have physical capability to lift and attend to physical needs of students as required.
4) General office skills.

Application Procedure:
Apply online

Rate: $16/hour

Studies have shown that some people are less likely to apply for jobs unless they believe they meet every one of the qualifications as described in a job description. We are most interested in finding the best candidate for the job, and that candidate may be one who comes from a less traditional background. We would encourage you to apply, even if you don’t believe you meet every one of our qualifications described.

Equity is one of ISD728’s core values and is essential to our goal of putting children first to ensure college and career readiness. A diverse workforce fuels innovation and allows us to better understand, communicate with, and educate our students. ISD728 will not deny anyone the opportunity for training or employment because of sex, race, religion, color, creed, national origin, marital status, age, sexual preference, disability, or status with regard to public assistance.