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Student Teacher – college or university student who teaches school under the supervision of an experienced teacher as a requirement for a degree in education.

Practicums – field experiences that allow a student to observe and document how working professionals perform their job responsibilities. Students will also participate to a limited extent in performing tasks under supervision by program professors and on-site staff. Participation at the practicum site is typically two or three times per week for a few hours per session. No remuneration is expected for a practicum, but it does qualify for academic credit.

Internships –  take on the characteristics of a real job focusing on independent application of skills and knowledge in the workplace setting. Students are placed with on-site professionals who manage their workload and oversee their performance. Internships are usually considered to be full-time experiences, following the work schedule of the assigned placement.

1. Must have an approved contract between university/agency and ISD #564 prior to start date.
2. Candidate must either provide a copy of a recent background check from the university/agency or submit to a BCA background check with ISD 564 prior to start date.