Support Staff | Special Education Assistant | Various | Available: Fall 2023


Hutchinson Public Schools is seeking individuals for Special Ed Para positions throughout the district, beginning with the 23-24 school year and beyond.

This is a great opportunity to feel like you make a difference in students’ lives! Approximately 6.5 hours per day.

Objective: Provide support, explanation, re-teaching and instructional help for students.

Education Assistant Key Responsibilities:
Maintain confidentiality standards by adhering to the district’s data privacy policy.
Help to reinforce teachings of the classroom teacher by working with students on a one to-one basis or in small groups.
Conferring and planning with teachers to recommend ideas, identify problems, and aid in problem solving.
Help students to strengthen skills to become more independent.
Help the classroom teacher with recordkeeping of the student’s progress. Conducts informal assessments to measure students’ mastery of learned materials as directed by the
classroom teacher.
Attend meetings and in-service for staff development. Follow suggestions made by classroom teacher, principal, and others who may provide staff development.

Submit your application online at, job #1787.
Please email Karen Lerfald, Director of Special Services, with questions pertaining to this position.