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About Spring Lake Park Schools:
Welcome to Spring Lake Park Schools! We are a vibrant school community serving about 6,200 students from the suburbs of Blaine, Fridley and Spring Lake Park, in the northern Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. Our district purpose — ‚ÄúHigh expectations, high achievement for all. No excuses‚ÄĚ ‚Äď provides our focus to meet the unique and varied needs of each student.

Spring Lake Park Schools is recognized for our commitment to personalized learning, creating a culture of innovation and creativity through human-centered design thinking. We are working to create a system ‚Äď a culture with a methodology and set of processes ‚Äď where teachers and staff have the freedom, flexibility and invitation to design new ways of learning centered around deepening student engagement to continuously improve student success.¬†

Position Overview:
The Elementary Science Specialist at Woodcrest Spanish Immersion Elementary will engage students in Grades K-4 in the curricular area of science. Science specialists will use strong science instructional practices, provide feedback to students that moves their learning forward, and communicate student learning and progress in the area of science with families. 
The successful candidate will be an individual who firmly believes: 

  • all students can and will learn, and that their learning can be directly influenced by focusing on factors over which we have control;¬†
  • in the need to work interdependently with teachers, school, and district leaders throughout the system, aligning the work of adults around improving student learning by meeting the needs, interests, and aspirations of students;¬†
  • in the need to work in partnership with staff to continuously improve practices to enhance student and family engagement, creating the conditions for equity, excellence, and student success; and¬†
  • ?in personalizing learning for students, meeting academic, social, and emotional needs and aspirations so that each student feels valued and has a sense of belonging, leading to academic success.¬†

Primary Responsibilities: 
Responsibilities of this job include, but are not limited to: 

  • Work collaboratively with elementary science specialists across schools to complete curriculum maps, trimester overviews, and initial unit designs using our science competencies, rubrics and learning progressions, aligned to our elementary core resource¬†
  • Design student work and learning experiences that engage students in challenging, scaffolded tasks and collaborative inquiry¬†
  • Use instructional strategies aligned to Spring Lake Park‚Äôs K-12 Science Framework: anchoring phenomena, conceptual modeling and sensemaking to understand phenomena, and scientific discourse and argumentation¬†
  • Use a balanced assessment system, including assessments for, of, and as learning, to provide feedback and determine next steps in student learning¬†
  • Create a learner-centered environment that allows students to engage with each other and in their learning¬†
  • Engage in professional learning and coaching to improve instructional practices¬†
  • Collaborate with colleagues to meet the strengths, interests, and needs of students
  • ?Communicates regularly with families to keep them informed of student progress in science¬†

We strongly prefer candidates who have exhibited…¬†

  • excellence in collaboration with colleagues and an enthusiasm to work with students;
  • a demonstrated commitment to ongoing learning; and
  • are bilingual, Spanish/English

The successful candidate must have earned a B.A. or B.S. degree and hold current Minnesota State Teaching Licensure for K-6 elementary education.

Additional demonstrated qualifications include:

  • commitment to the equitable education of all students;
  • effective planning and organizational skills;
  • highly effective interpersonal skills;
  • interest and passion in science; and
  • aligned with district core values and vision

Highly competitive salary and benefit package for the region.  

Application Deadline: 
Individuals who wish to be considered for this position must apply online at June 2, 2023. Application deadline is open until filled with a highly qualified person. Only qualified and appropriately licensed individuals will be considered for an interview. 

With inquiries, please feel free to contact Jaime Nymann, Principal, at or (763) 600-5801.

Equity is a priority for Spring Lake Park Schools and is essential to our goal of putting children first to ensure college and career readiness. A diverse workforce fuels innovation and allows us to better understand, communicate with, and educate our students.? Spring Lake Park Schools will not deny anyone the opportunity for training or employment