Student Support Services | Social Worker | Minnesota Valley Education District (MVED)


Minnesota Valley Education District (MVED) is looking for a School Social Worker.

Job Summary:
Provide assistance to students and staff to help students function effectively in the school environment.

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide consultation to building student support teams throughout the MVED member districts.
  • Share resources and agency information with staff and families.
  • Act as liaison between parents/family and school including conducting home visits as needed in each district.
  • Support all students in the area of social, emotional, and behavioral issues.
  • Provide trauma-informed support to students, families, and school teams throughout the MVED member districts.
  • Provide crisis intervention and prevention activities to both students and staff.
  • Maintain student files and required district paperwork as it relates to individual student needs.
  • Maintain data collection on support services provided to students.
  • Assist in designing and shaping behavioral interventions in relation to mental health in collaboration with the behavior analyst.
  • Provide staff development for paraprofessionals as it relates to this position as needed by districts.
  • Knowledge and awareness and training of Minnesota Statutes as it relates to behavior (i.e. CPI, PCM, and other required supports).
  • Adhere to Minnesota Board of Social Work and the Minnesota School Social Workers Association Standards.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Specifications (Education, License, Experience, Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities):

  • Minnesota licensure as a Licensed Social Worker and a School Social Worker
  • Background and knowledge in trauma-informed schools
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of how to access outside/community resources and agencies to support families and staff
  • Prompt, regular, and reliable attendance
  • Ability to perform routine computer functions, including the use of email, Microsoft Word, and due process system
  • Communicates with students, parent, co-workers, supervisors, and the community in a positive and responsive way that is consistently welcoming and enhances effective work relationships
  • Demonstrates an appreciation of diversity in all interactions and job functions