Administration | Principal | Ivan Sand Community High School | Available: 07/01/2024 | Closing: 03/01/2024


Description:  Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent, the principal is responsible for providing strategic direction, leadership, and effective management to ensure the overall success and growth of the Ivan Sand Community Middle and High School, an alternative learning center serving approximately 120 students in grades 6-12. The principal will collaborate with staff, students, parents, and the community to create a positive and inclusive learning environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and social development.

Please review complete job description attached to this posting for detailed Duties and Responsibilities.

Job Summary:

  1. Develop and implement a unique educational vision for the Alternative Learning Center, promoting a student-centered approach that caters to diverse learning styles and needs.
  2. Foster a culture of academic excellence, personal growth, and resilience among students.
  3. Provide instructional leadership by overseeing curriculum implementation, assessment strategies, and the implementation of innovative teaching methodologies.
  4. Foster a culture of continuous improvement, data-driven decision-making, and high expectations for student achievement.
  5. Ensures best practice instructional strategies are utilized to support student learning
  6. Responsible for implementing and sustaining a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) to respond to individual student needs
  7. Ensures students have opportunities to explore post secondary opportunities including, but not limited to careers, college, technical education, and the workforce
  8. Leads the development and implementation of a comprehensive school improvement plan that aligns with the ISD 728’s  strategic plan.
  9. Works collaboratively with stakeholders to set strategic priorities, allocate resources effectively, and track progress toward key objectives.
  10. Stays informed on relevant research and guidance related to alternative learning programs to ensure Ivan Sand Community Middle and High School programming  best meets students needs. 
  11. Provides leadership and direction for ISD 728’s high school credit recovery programming at the three traditional schools
  12. Keeps up to date with current guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education on credit recovery.
  13. Provides direction to support staff to accurately report student membership hours for credit recovery course work.
  14. Supports Targeted Services K-8 programming
  15. Oversees the day-to-day operations of the school, including budget management, facilities, and staff supervision.
  16. Implement policies and procedures to ensure a safe, orderly, and conducive learning environment.
  17. Manages school safety and security processes including crisis management procedures.
  18. Collaborate with administrative staff to address logistical and organizational needs.
  19. Recruit, hire, and retain qualified and dedicated teachers and support staff.
  20. Provide professional development opportunities to enhance the skills and effectiveness of the school’s faculty and staff.
  21. Foster a positive and collaborative working environment.
  22. Supervises evening school functions, and attends school-related community events. 
  23. Ensures a crisis management plan is in place and is in alignment with best practices
  24. Collaborates with teachers, counselors, and special education staff to identify and address the unique needs of individual students.
  25. Develop and oversee programs that promote student engagement, motivation, and positive behavior.
  26. Implement and monitor initiatives to enhance student attendance and punctuality.
  27. Work closely with the counseling department to provide guidance and resources for college and career readiness.
  28. Foster a safe and inclusive school environment by addressing issues related to bullying, discrimination, and harassment.
  29. Implement and support conflict resolution strategies to maintain a positive school climate.
  30. Regularly communicate with parents regarding student progress, behavior, and overall well-being.
  31. Lead or support initiatives that promote a sense of belonging and inclusivity among diverse student populations.
  32. Stay informed about current trends and research in education and student development to continuously improve support services.
  33. Other job related duties as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. MA plus forty-five (45) credits in school administration or Ed.S. or doctorate in school administration.  Doctorate in Education preferred.  Secondary Education or related field. 
  2. Highly-developed and effective leadership and team management skills, including problem solving and conflict resolution abilities.
  3. Excellent interpersonal abilities and communication skills, including writing, speaking, and listening.
  4. Ability to work with parents, community groups and diverse local, regional, and state agencies.
  5. Understanding of evidence-based instructional practices and curriculum resource needs in special education.
  6. Knowledge and understanding of state and federal laws and rules related to programs and services of the department, and ability to translate laws and rules into plans of action.
  7. Ability to plan and carry out long-range planning for professional learning and program development. 
  8. High level of knowledge and understanding of budgeting and revenue sources and ability to recommend and adhere to budgets based on District needs.
  9. Experience with special education, Section 504, and health services.
  10. Managerial skills including planning, budgeting, problem solving, conflict resolution, organization and leadership.
  11. Proficient in human relations and communication skills.
  12. Ability to supervise and give work direction to others.
  13. Strong background in instructional best practices.

       $129,527 – $150,468

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Studies have shown that some people are less likely to apply for jobs unless they believe they meet every one of the qualifications as described in a job description. We are most interested in finding the best candidate for the job, and that candidate may be one who comes from a less traditional background. We would encourage you to apply, even if you don’t believe you meet every one of our qualifications described.

Equity is one of ISD728’s core values and is essential to our goal of putting children first to ensure college and career readiness. A diverse workforce fuels innovation and allows us to better understand, communicate with, and educate our students. ISD728 will not deny anyone the opportunity for training or employment because of sex, race, religion, color, creed, national origin, marital status, age, sexual preference, disability, or status with regard to public assistance.