Special Education Services | ISD 6076 Northland Learning Center


The Northland Learning Center is a special education cooperative supporting 9 local area school districts, which are listed below. 

ISD #166 Cook County             ISD #696 Ely           ISD #712 Mt. Iron-Buhl             ISD #2909 Rock Ridge            

ISD #695 Chisholm                   ISD #707 Nett Lake  ISD #2142 St. Louis County      ISD #2711 Mesabi East             ISD #361 International Falls

TITLE:  Physical Therapist
REPORTS TO: Assistant Director of Special Education & Executive Director

Position Summary:

  • Provides services to students eligible for related services
  • Provides early intervention services for eligible students¬†
  • Improves, develops, restores or maintains a child‚Äôs sensory and motor function in educational environments¬†
  • Functions as ‚Äúrelated service provider‚ÄĚ under state and federal law and regulations
  • Position will provide PT services to: Ely, Chisholm, St. Louis County – South Ridge, Mesabi East

Experience and Skills: 

  • Identify motor and physical impairments and delays
  • Treatment planning specific to pediatrics
  • Innovative interventions for a wide range of disabilities
  • Competent computer skills

Essential Job Functions: 
Must be able to perform the following job roles and functions: 

  • Conduct timely appropriate evaluation of students referred for early intervention and related services under IDEA
  • Prepare written reports of the evaluations
  • Participate in meetings as member of the multidisciplinary team¬†
  • Participate in development of IFSP, IEP or 504 plans for eligible students¬†
  • Provide direct, indirect and consultative physical therapy in home, telepractice, and educational settings/least restrictive environments for students¬†
  • Collaborate with other school personnel regarding physical therapy and the students‚Äô needs¬†
  • Delegate activities to teachers, parents and paraprofessionals¬†
  • Train/instruct teachers, parents and paraprofessionals in delegated tasks and equipment use
  • Travel to and among schools to provide services (mileage reimbursed)
  • Maintain records of service provided¬†
  • Lift, transfer and position children and equipment as necessary

Mentoring is available.