Student Support Services | Physical Therapist | Minnesota Valley Education District (MVED) | Available: August 2023


Minnesota Valley Education District (MVED) is looking for a Physical Therapist beginning August 2023.

Job Summary:  

Provides physical therapy services for students receiving special education services throughout the District.  Assesses, plans, organizes and participates in educationally-based programs that provide students with optimal educational opportunities.  Opportunities present in functional positioning, movement, mobility, etc.  Responsible for implementing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and maintaining discipline in accordance with due process rights of students.

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Evaluates students and writes reports regarding the evaluation.  Assesses various aspects of a child’s physical capability, such as flexibility, strength or endurance and other gross motor functions as they relate to mobility and/or successful movement activities in an educational setting;

  • Provides physical therapy training and consultations to the school staff and families.  Assists families, children, staff and related services providers to use appropriate and safe methods to meet a child’s mobility needs;

  • Manages the educational equipment needs of students including assessment, providing, instructing, monitoring, adjusting and repairing.  Assists families in the acquisition of equipment for home use.  Uses adaptive equipment and trains other in the use of such equipment;

  • Assists schools in the development of emergency procedures and evacuation plans;

  • Assists schools and districts to evaluate accessibility issues, such as bathroom accessibility;

  • Attends IFSP, IEP, team, and other meetings;

  • Collaborates with team members regarding all aspects of planning, including transition planning;

  • Completes due process documentation according to the guidelines set forth in State and Federal law;

  • Maintains a system of documentation and billing;

  • Provides billable medical assistance services

Licensures, Certifications and Other Requirements:

  • A current physical therapy license issued by the Minnesota Board of Physical Therapy.

  • May be required to possess a current Minnesota Motor Vehicle Class D Operator License.