Student Support Services | Paraprofessional | District Wide | Available: 08/28/2023 | Closing: Until Filled


ISD #2687 has the following Paraprofessional positions available:
Special Education, Library/Media Paraprofessional positions available at multiple locations; 5.5 – 7 hours per day starting the 2023-24 school year.
Qualifications: High school diploma/GED and experience working with children in the educational setting. Must be a problem solver, enjoy working with children, and a self-motivated individual. Experience with autism and learning disabilities preferred. Specific to the Library/Media position: must be well versed in various genres of literature, organized, display strong classroom management skills, passionate about reading and have the ability to connect and engage with students and their love of reading/learning. Tech skills/comfort preferred for maintaining the catalog system. 

Deadline: open until filled

 Apply via AppliTrack at:
Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Public Schools, Independent School District 2687, serves the communities of Winsted, Waverly, and Howard Lake. We are dedicated to providing a high-quality education for our youth.  With that commitment, we strive for excellence and opportunity for each student in every offering and activity of the school district.
Serving nearly 1200 students, K-12, in two elementary schools (K-4), a middle school (5-8), and a high school (9-12), we offer educational opportunities using a healthy balance between one-to-one technology, hands-on skills, enrichment, and remediation.
We pride ourselves on valuing strong academic achievement, small class sizes, a wide-variety of programs and activities, new and updated facilities, and supportive communities.  Our staff, all the way from the principals, teachers, and paraprofessionals, to our custodians, secretaries, and cooks, make teaching and caring for children, our number one priority.
Lakers are:
     Learners – Everything you do is an opportunity to learn to better yourself and others.
     Accountable – Set goals and follow-through.
     Kind – Practice compassion for the benefit of self and others.
     Empowered – Make an impact in all aspects of your life and in the lives of others.
     Resilient – Never give up and don’t be afraid to ask others for help along the way.
Our Motto is “Excellence Through Education”
We are proud to be the Lakers!  We hope you consider applying to be part of our team! 
High School

HLWW High School opened its new facility in 2008.  With a wide-variety of core and elective offerings, our faculty and students create a well-rounded, high achieving, educational program.  With a nationally recognized FFA program, advanced placement courses, college in the schools opportunities, and a wide variety of clubs, activities, and student organizations, HLWW High School sets itself apart from the rest of Minnesota high schools.

A 2016 US News and World Report Silver Award Recipient, HLWW High School sets a standard for academic achievement and student excellence.  Through advisory programs, support services, and low staff-to-student ratios, we strive to meet all our students’ needs.

Please check out our employment opportunities and consider contacting us to see what it takes to be a part of our great school!

Middle School

HLWW Middle School opened its new facility in 2015.  Serving grades five through eight, our Middle School staff establishes a sound foundation of core subjects, with an emphasis on incorporating a well-balanced approach to literacy.  Students have the opportunity to explore many other subject areas including technology, music (band and choir for all grades), industrial tech, physical education/health, and art.

We offer many different activities and sports for students to participate in and supplement all those experiences with the support of a quality advisory program and support services for all our students’ needs. 

Our Middle School facility is second to none, with many state-of-the-art technologies and furnishings.  Our staff is high energy and values the importance of connecting with children so that they feel important, can achieve all they dream, and know that we care about them.

Please check out our employment opportunities and consider contacting us to see what it takes to be a part of our great school!

Humphrey & Winsted Elementary

With two elementary schools to serve our three communities, we set out to establish a solid foundation of core academic instruction.   Keeping class sizes low and supplementing with support staff including paraprofessionals, a social worker and a counselor, both Humphrey and Winsted Elementary have created a positive, enriching experience for all our students and families.

Much of what we do as elementary schools is established through strong connections made between staff and students.  Our staff members really get to know each and every child, and through the use of Nurtured Heart Approach, we make sure that there are adults who look out for the needs of everyone.

Our schools were remodeled and additions were made to both facilities in 2007.  Our student population at both schools continues to grow not only in numbers, but in excitement about all the possibilities our schools make into a reality.

Winners of the United States Department of Education’s National Blue Ribbon (Humphrey 2012 & Winsted 2013), our elementary schools are top notch!

Please check out our employment opportunities and consider contacting us to see what it takes to be a part of our great school!