Elementary School Teaching | Music - Vocal | Kaleidoscope Charter School


Music Teacher wanted!! Choral music preferred but all licenses and talents are welcome!

Licensed Teacher

As soon as filled – 2023-24 School Year


Immediate Supervisor

Elementary Principal

Secondary Director

Position Summary:

Teachers are responsible for planning and delivering content aligned to Music (or specified) Standards using best practices to provide differentiated and rigorous instruction for all students within assigned classroom/subject area(s). Teachers evaluate the needs and abilities of students and determine methods and techniques to best present and provide instruction to students. Teachers ensure students show continuous improvement in learning basics and essential skills. Teachers are responsible for providing an educational atmosphere where students have the opportunity to fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, and psychological growth.


Basic Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates continued professional growth through participation in continuing education courses, professional activities, and/or organizations.

  • Completes tasks in an organized and efficient manner as set by administration.

  • Advances the mission and vision of Kaleidoscope Charter School (KCS).

  • Treats all staff, students, families, and visitors with dignity and respect.

  • Treats all student and staff information with care, complying with relevant state and federal rules about data privacy and data practices.


Essential Planning and Preparation Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates solid prerequisite knowledge and content pedagogy.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of students’ developmental learning, skills, abilities, special medical or learning needs, and cultural heritage.

  • Sets instructional outcomes aligned to Minnesota State (or specified) Standards and Benchmarks with rigorous learning targets.  

  • Designs coherent instruction for rigor, support of learning targets, differentiation, interdisciplinary, and extended learning opportunities.

  • Assists with ongoing curriculum review, under the guidance of administration.


Essential Classroom Environment Responsibilities:

  • Creates an environment where teacher-student and student-student relationships reflect respect and rapport with genuine warmth and care, mindful of the age and culture of groups of students.

  • Establishes a culture for teacher and student learning that shows enthusiasm for, and commitment to, the content, outcomes, and activities. Conveys high expectations for students and the importance of high-quality work that students take pride in.

  • Manages classroom procedures, routines, and transitions seamlessly to ensure student productivity and little waste of instructional time.

  • Ensures standards for student behavior are clear to all students; monitored consistently; and responded to appropriately, successfully, and respectfully.

  • Creates a safe learning environment with an established culture of learning and where students are encouraged to take learning risks to develop intellectually.

  • Organizes physical environment for safety, and ensures learning is accessible to all and physical resources are  arranged for learning.


Essential Instruction Responsibilities: 

  • Communicates clear purpose, directions, procedures, and explanations with students, situated within learning, and connected to students’ knowledge and experience.

  • Engages students in learning consistently due to appropriate activities, assignments, groupings, and/or materials/resources.  Instruction has clearly defined structure and pacing is appropriate. 

  • Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness to student learning by accommodating students’ questions/interests, and persists in seeking approaches for students who have difficulty learning, drawing on a broad repertoire of strategies.


Essential Professional Responsibilities:

  • Reflects on teaching and accurately assesses a lesson’s effectiveness/degree to which outcomes were met, and can cite evidence to support the judgment; make specific suggestions for lesson improvement. 

  • Communicates with families frequently and in culturally-appropriate ways regarding instructional programs and student progress, and responds to family concerns to successfully engage families in the instructional program.

  • Participates in a professional community where colleague relationships are characterized by mutual support and cooperation, including active participation in a culture of professional inquiry and making substantial contributions to the school.

  • Grows and develops professionally, welcomes feedback on performance, and participates actively in assisting other educators.

  • Shows professionalism through honesty, integrity, confidentiality, and assurance that all students are fairly served, participates in team or departmental decision-making, and fully complies with school regulations.

Physical Factors

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Frequent:  walking, standing, sitting, stooping, bending, crouching, kneeling, twisting, reaching, hearing, talking, and seeing