Paraprofessional | Non-Instructional | Breckenridge High School | Available: 08/30/2023 | Closing: open until filled


Media Specialist

Breckenridge High School
Independent School District #846
Job Title: Media Specialist                      Supervisor: School Principal
General Definition:The media specialist provides information and services to all students and staff including obtaining appropriate materials, using digital resources, and ensuring that the media center holdings are processed, maintained, and circulated in a timely manner.

This position also includes a focus on student Chromebook technology support. Tasks include troubleshooting, setup, lost and found, distributing loaners, recording repairs, and assisting in the management of Chromebook data.

Essential Functions

  • Prepares and processes new print and digital materials.
  • Performs all duties pertaining to the automated library system by choosing circulation options and protocols, entering patron profiles and photos, locating MARC records from national databases, and generating customized reports. Handles the circulation of all materials by students and staff.
  • Prepares and processes new print and digital materials.
  • Offers guidance for students and staff in the use of the online catalog, location of items in the collection, applications on library workstations, and applications on student Chromebooks. This includes periodic training or co-teaching opportunities.
  • Social media coordinator and live stream liaison. Assists with the set up, videotaping, and distribution of school news shows, concerts, speeches, and special events.
  • Provides documentation (receipts and online) for overdue and lost books and other media (including technology) to parents by US mail or email of missing materials.
  • Provides orientation to new students and staff to the media center and Destiny, including parent and community classes.
  • Under the supervision of the Technology Coordinator, directs and trains media center/technology help desk student workers.
  • Supervises student workers in conjunction with the technology help desk.¬†
  • Assists with coordinating, managing and tech support for student devices.
  • Promotes and offers guidance on digital citizenship and internet safety.
  • Protects confidential student information including family names, addresses, phone numbers, email accounts, disabilities, and EBD labels.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by principal or technology coordinator.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  • Demonstrate strong, positive customer service skills.
  • Evidence of ability to work with diverse populations of youth.
  • Ability to work independently or with a team. Flexible and adaptable to changes in daily schedule and task assignments.
  • Knowledge of basic online resources typically used for research in education settings by students and staff.
  • Evidence of organizational skills and attention to detail necessary for managing a library collection, patron records, and circulation statistics.
  • Knowledge of media collections, digital and print. Knowledge of young adult classic and current book titles is a plus.
  • Experience with personal computers and tablets: Competent user of spreadsheets, word processors, databases, forms and reports, email programs, and other digital tools. Understanding and knowledge of Google Suite is essential.
  • Innovative thinker, open to exploring current and future trends defining media center technologies and usage.


  • High school diploma or GED equivalent required
  • Technology Certificate or Associate‚Äôs degree preferred¬†
  • Experience working with students of various age groups is preferred.¬†
  • Experience in school, library, office reception desk, customer service job, or other public service role preferred.


  • School year: 7.25 hours per day (7:45 – 3:30¬†following school calendar)
  • Summer Days: 6 hours per day (5 days to be coordinated with High School Principal)

 Salary and Benefits: 

  • Salary and Benefits will be in accordance with the MSEA contract¬†which can befound on the website under employment opportunities/master agreements.¬†¬†
  • Band and Grade: B23¬† (Current Salary Range: $14.70¬† to $16.91¬†per hour)


  • Starting Date: September 1, 2023
  • Any questions, contact Craig Peterson, High School Principal,,¬† 218-643-2694