High School Teaching | Marshall High School


Lyon and Murray County CEO

The Lyon and Murray County CEO Facilitator will create a learning environment where Marshall High School and Murray Central High School students are encouraged to explore, discover and experience learning through real life activities.

The facilitator’s role is to model a passion for learning, connect with the students and community, collaborate with the board, and, most importantly, provide guidance to the students.

The facilitator reports to the Lyon and Murray County CEO Board. The position is a 20-hour week salary position – five days a week typically 7:00 – 11:00 am, is spent with the students, with the balance being used for arranging business visits, guest speakers, calling on businesspeople, etc. The CEO program requires a great deal of time from the facilitator to establish good relationships with the business community, prepare communications that make the program transparent, and build the learning environment that allows students to succeed.

We are seeking a facilitator who is: 

  • A kid magnet
  • A great relationship builder
  • A first-class communicator
  • Able to interact with business leaders, investors, and partners
  • Able to work with high school administrators
  • Willing to lean on local experts in their fields
  • Comfortable working in a technology rich environment
  • Dedicated to the kids and their success above their own
  • Dedicated to the kids and their success above their own
  • Able to work for the CEO board of directors
  • Able to meet goals within given timeframes
  • Able to help students grow personally, emotionally, and in their business acumen and knowledge

Specific functions of a facilitator: 
Support Student Development

  • Mentor students
  • Facilitate the students’ development of the class business
  • Facilitate the students’ development of their personal businesses
  • Connect students to resources


  • Class meeting sites and business sites visits
  • Guest speakers and networking opportunities 
  • Class activities and team building activities


  • Greet and introduce guests
  • Write weekly class updates for the website
  • Prepare a monthly board report
  • Facilitate student presentations for community organizations

Participate in the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship Events

  • Attend Annual National Conference
  • Participate in Webinars and surveys
  • Submit weekly newsletters

Education and Experience:

  • College degree not required, but a plus
  • Advanced learning/training/certification desirable
  • 5+ years of business experience required
  • Business ownership a major plus
  • Experience working with youth a major plus


  • Candidate must pass a background check.
  • Candidate must have or be able to obtain a Certified Technical Educator license.
  • Must be able to attend CEO Facilitator Training