Community Education | Kids Club (School Age Child Care) | District Wide | Available: ASAP | Closing: Open Until Filled


Float Supervisor

Community Education
Part-Time Afternoon Hours, Year-Round

– Participation in Minnesota State retirement program. 
– Eligible for Paid Absence Leave

Current base wage: $21.93/hour (plus additional bonuses, paid out incrementally, totaling an average of $23.50/hour).  

Work Location:  Float Supervisor, work location will vary

Hours per day or per week:  4.25 hours per day, 21.25 hours per week (year-round)
Plus, as available, attendance at Supervisor meetings/trainings (held on Tuesdays from 9:45-11:15 am; meetings occur 3-4x/month during the school year).

Position start and end times:   2:00-*6:15 PM, M-F, year-round (* Plus during the school year until 7:15 pm one or two times per month for site based or Non-School Day meetings)

Available for ApplicationUntil Filled

Anticipated Start Date: ASAP

 Plan and carry out a daily School Age Child Care program designed to meet the appropriate physical and developmental needs of a diverse group of children.  Work as the leader of a team, effectively supervising Paraprofessionals and Aide staff, being sensitive to the needs of individual children, and relating in a positive and appropriate manner to both children and adults.

  1. Maintain a safe environment according to health and safety recommendations outlined in State Guidelines.  Provide consistent observation of safety and health issues concerning children and staff.  Establish a warm, caring environment through the use of age appropriate direct and indirect positive guidance techniques.
  2. Plan and implement curriculum areas on site that meet the needs of a variety of activity and age levels of children.  Specific activity areas are outlined in State Guidelines.  Establish a routine that encourages a child’s independence in individual, small and large group settings.
  3. Establish a positive and friendly relationship with parents/guardians, providing them updated information on a regular basis.  Direct negative comments to the Program Coordinators and/or Youth Programs Manager as appropriate.
  4. Maintain accurate family records.  Notify Kids Club enrollment clerk immediately of any changes in student status.
  5. Coach and evaluate Paraprofessionals team.  Perform job evaluations of team members (30/60/90 days for probationary staff; annual for non-probationary staff).  Approve absences and payroll for the Paraprofessional team. 
  6. Model appropriate language, dress, behavior guidance and activity participation/preparation.  
  7. Attend Site Supervisor staff meetings.  Conduct site-based meetings on a regular basis to share information from the Site Supervisors meetings.
  8. Work non-school day sessions.  Cooperate with co-Site Supervisors to plan, communicate, and implement activities for the non-school days.  Supervise the Paraprofessionals during the session.
  9. Maintain and monitor personal training records to adhere to State Guidelines for training and continuing education (2% of your annual work hours).  Participate in district-sponsored training when available and pursue additional training opportunities from associated organizations.  Maintain current First Aid and CPR certification.
  10. Perform job evaluations of team members (30/60/90 days for probationary staff; annual for non-probationary staff).
  11. Report any suspected abuse or neglect to the Program Coordinators and Youth Programs Manager as well as the Child Protection Services department of the county where child resides.
  12. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Degree in related field of Education or Child Development and/or Child Care OR  2080 hours (1 year @ full-time status) of work experience in a Child Development and/or Child Care setting
  2. Minimum of 120 documented hours of relevant training in areas such as: child development, child guidance, human relations, communications, recreational programming, (must be approved by Program Coordinators or Youth Programs Manager).
  3. First aid and CPR certification
  4. Successful completion of DHS fingerprinting/background check requirements.
  5. Prompt, regular and reliable attendance
  6. Competency in performing computer functions, including the use of email, Internet, Microsoft Word and Excel
  7. Communicates with students, parents, co-workers, supervisors, and the community in a positive and responsive way that is consistently welcoming and enhances effective work relationships.
  8. Demonstrates an appreciation of diversity in all interactions and job functions.


  1. Supervisory experience in a SACC environment.