Middleton Elementary – After School Program
* Eligible for Retention Bonus *

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– Participation in Minnesota State retirement program.  Can contribute to 403(b) and may be eligible for district match based on union contract.
– Medical insurance benefits at 25 hours per week.  Participation in High Deductible plan includes contribution to a VEBA per union contract. 
– Position follows school calendar, including varying hours on Non-School Days, with the option to work in summer paraprofessional positions if interested

Base rate of pay is $16.63/hour.  Eligible for an additional $.50 per hour once Highly Qualified status is achieved (2 or 4 year degree, OR 60 semester credits OR successful completion of the Para Pro which is offered by the district once a month).  

Hours per day or per week: 1.5-2.25 hours/day, 7.5-11.25 hours/week

Position start and end timeCandidate can choose from one of the following options:

  • Start time of 2:45 or 3:00; End time 4:30, 4:45 or 5:00 pm, M-F, or
  • Start time of 3:10; End time of 4:40, 4:55 or 5:10 pm, M-F

Available for Application:  October 14 – 19, 2022 or until filled

Anticipated Start Date:  ASAP

Classification:  Supervisory

This position is responsible for assisting one or more Kids Club (KC) Supervisors in providing instructional and supervisory support to students enrolled in the School Age Child Care program and other Out-of-School Time (OST) programs.  This position also assists with implementing lesson plans, set-up and all prep work for activities, participates in activities and develops positive relationships with children, staff, and parents within the program.  

  1. Facilitate and assist Kids Club (KC) Supervisors with the implementation of lesson plans as outlined in state and program guidelines including physical activity, the arts, literacy, STEM, cultural/language, life skills, and social emotional learning.  Independently and actively lead and participate in all program activities and in all program events. 
  2. Work with team to develop the mental, physical, social, and emotional abilities of all children. Promptly address any student needs, intervening with positive behavior intervention strategies and inform KC Supervisor of any observations regarding difficulties in adjustment, learning, social interaction, behavior, and/or the physical functioning of individual children.  All staff are expected to work with all students and meet the diverse needs of our students and families.
  3. Support and maintain the safety and security of the children in the School Age Child Care Program and other Out-of-School Time (OST) programs. Accountable for regular, timely and accurate attendance counts and continual monitoring of the environment to ensure safety, completing all necessary documentation.
  4. Model appropriate behavior, and implement program strategies to guide children in developing positive social relationships.  Intervene, as appropriate, using strategies such as peer mediation, conflict resolution, problem solving, and/or other behavioral management techniques such as Social Emotional Learning strategies and Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies.
  5. Comply with district and KC policies and procedures, including but not limited to: emergency procedures, building orientation and practices, confidentiality, student vulnerability, reporting (including injuries, behavioral issues and suspected abuse or neglect), classroom management and all inclusion practices.  Actively support reasonable accommodations as established by the program.
  6. Prepare equipment and materials for activities and arrange the program areas as necessary.  This includes set-up and clean-up of the supplies, equipment, and program areas, as well as the preparation and serving of meals and snacks gaining support of the students to do these tasks as appropriate.  Notify Site Supervisor about equipment that needs repair or replacement, or supplies that need purchasing.
  7. Understand and maintain boundaries and confidentiality with students, families, and staff.
  8. Participate in staff development activities, and site and staff meetings, as required.
  9. Maintain a high level of professionalism, confidentiality, respect and equity for all students, staff and families.
  10. Other duties as assigned.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent. 
  2. Competencies as required by State of Minnesota, Federal government, and/or District 833.
  3. Proven teamwork, confidentiality, professionalism and communication skills.
  4. Proven ability to provide services to student as directed by supervisor in a manner that demonstrates a positive respect for the dignity and basic rights of children.  Accepts work direction willingly and shifts work assignments and/or accepts new job responsibilities as needed.
  5. Models appropriate behavior, neat appearance, and proper grammar usage for all students.  Helps provide a positive learning environment.
  6. Actively participates in district-sponsored training when offered.
  7. Ability to perform routine computer functions, including the use of email, Microsoft Word and navigating on the internet
  8. Ability to pass Paraprofessional fitness for duty tests.
  9. Ability to lift and transfer up to 50 pounds.
  10. Prompt, regular and reliable attendance.
  11. Communicates with students, parents, co-workers, supervisors, and the community in a positive and responsive way that is consistently welcoming and enhances effective work relationships.
  12. Demonstrates an appreciation of diversity in all interactions and job functions.


  1. Trained in and experience utilizing behavioral management techniques.
  2. First Aid CPR certified (current or within 3 months of hire). 
  3. Sixty hours of relevant training in childcare.
  4. 1040 hours of previous experience working with children or in childcare setting.
  5. Demonstrates knowledge of basic academics and behavior characteristics of elementary students.