Community Education | Kids Club (School Age Child Care) | District Wide | Closing: 07/17/22 or until filled


Kids Club: Inclusion Site Specialist
Full-Time and Part-Time opportunities available

Community Education
Independent – Miscellaneous
* Eligible for a Retention Bonus! *

Hours:   Full-Time Hours: 6.75 hours/day (33.75 hours/week)

        * School Year: Before and After School hours (6:15-9:15/9:30 AND 2:15/2:30-6:00)

        * Summer & Non-School Days: Hours TBD (6-8 hours per day, pending program needs)

   Part-Time Hours: 3-3.75 hours/day (15-18.75 hours/week)

        * School Year: Before or After School hours (6:15-9:15/9:30 OR 2:15/2:30-6:00)

        * Summer & Non-School Days: Hours TBD (additional hours may be available).

   FT and PT positions may have occasional trainings or meetings scheduled in addition to the site based hours.

Location:   All elementary buildings; locations will be assigned and may change based upon student and program needs.

Job Summary:
The Inclusion Site Specialist works directly with all children in out-of-school time programs offering direct support in addressing social emotional, health and safety, and behavior needs. In this role, they work alongside the Site Supervisors, Out-of-School Time Site Support Specialists and the Inclusion Coordinator directly implementing inclusion modifications and accommodations and supporting the needs of individual students. They participate in regular trainings and meetings to develop new inclusion skills. They plan and offer activities for all kids, are in rotation and engage in all aspects of the Kids Club program including opening and closing sites, supporting emergency responses and administering medications. This position will float to sites to support inclusion or other needs as required by the program. This position backs up the Site Supervisor when not available.

Position Summary:

  1. Work with all kids as a regular member of the Kids Club program. Plan and lead activities, engage in activity rotation on site. Support out-of-school (OST) time programs as needed under the guidance of program coordinators.
  2. Collaborate with the Site Supervisor and other site staff to support invisible inclusion, offering support when behaviors or emotions are dysregulated. Promptly address student needs, intervening with positive behavior intervention strategies, accommodations and modifications.
  3. Inform Site Supervisor, Out-of-School Time Site Support Specialist (OST) or Inclusion and Program Coordinators of any observations regarding difficulties in student adjustment, learning, social interaction, behavior, and/or the physical functioning of individual children. 
  4. Know and understand the health, safety and behavioral needs of each child at your site/s. Actively recommend and implement reasonable accommodations and modifications as established by the program. Support the development and adaptation of site support and inclusion plans in collaboration with Site Supervisors, OST and Inclusion Coordinator. 
  5. Float as necessary to sites where student needs require reduced ratio, primary care support and/or to support overall ratios.
  6. Along with Site Supervisors, support provision of special­­ services to students with disabilities including but not limited to toileting, feeding, and administration of medications in compliance with all district and OST policies and procedures.
  7. Support streamlined, confidential and consistent communication of needs across the program. Assist Supervisors and OSTs in maintaining and updating the Health, Safety and Inclusion binder, Site Support Plans, Inclusion Plans, Special Needs Lists and all documents related to inclusion. Complete documentation as necessary including all Department of Human Services Certification reporting.
  8. Attend regular team meetings with OSTs and Inclusion Coordinator to review student needs, discuss special needs topics, and share resources. Attend site-based and other program meetings, events and trainings as required.
  9. Attend student support meetings as needed, and regularly communicate with families and district staff regarding student needs following district and program policies and practices. 
  10. Along with Site Supervisors understand and implement all facets of behavior management systems and program strategies, modeling appropriate behavior to guide children in developing positive social skills.
  11. Participate in annual professional development as outlined in state and program guidelines including specific special needs and inclusion trainings for this position (PT staff need a minimum of 20 hours/year, FT staff need a minimum of 30 hours/year).
  12. Create and implement lesson plans as outlined in state and program guidelines with a specific focus on social emotional learning. 
  13. Proactively establish a positive, supportive community among all students and staff. Establish and maintain the safety and security of the children in Kids Club and other OST programs. Accountable for regular, timely and accurate attendance counts and continual monitoring of the environment to ensure safety, completing all necessary documentation.
  14. Understand and comply with district and OST policies and procedures, including but not limited to: emergency procedures, building orientation and practices, confidentiality, student vulnerability, reporting (including injuries, behavioral issues and suspected abuse or neglect), classroom management and all inclusion practices.  Take a lead role in implementation of these procedures when Supervisor is absent.
  15. Prepare equipment and materials for activities and arrange the program areas as necessary. This includes set-up and clean-up of the supplies, equipment, and program areas, as well as the preparation and serving of meals and snacks gaining support of the students to do these tasks as appropriate. Notify Site Supervisor about equipment that needs repair or supplies that need purchasing.
  16. Maintain a high level of professionalism, fairness, confidentiality, respect and equity for all students, staff and families. Understand and maintain boundaries and confidentiality with students, families, and staff.
  17. Attend field trips as a regular program staff and in the capacity to support student needs as required. Help to prepare for student needs and develop field trip plans in collaboration with Supervisors, OSTs and the Inclusion Coordinator. 
  18. Adjust schedule as needed to accommodate field trips, non-school days, trainings, meetings and summers.
  19. Back-up Site Supervisor when not available.  Open and/or close KC sites.
  20. Other duties as assigned.


  1.  High School diploma or GED plus 12 credits or 120 hours relevant training and 2080 hours related experience OR AA degree/vocational certificate in education, child care, recreation, special education, or related area plus 12 credits or 120 hours relevant training and 1040 hours experience OR baccalaureate degree in education, early childhood, recreation, special education, or related area plus 12 credits or 120 hours relevant training and 520 hours experience.
  2. Demonstrates an appreciation of diversity in all interactions and job functions
  3. Communicates with students, parents, co-workers, supervisors, and the community in a confidential, positive, and responsive way that is consistently welcoming and enhances effective work relationships
  4. Competency in performing computer functions, including the use of email, Google Drive, the internet, Microsoft Word, and Excel
  5. Proven ability to provide services to students as directed by supervisor and program in a manner that demonstrates a positive respect for the dignity and basic rights of children
  6. Accepts work direction willingly and shifts work assignments and/or accepts new job responsibilities as needed
  7. Models appropriate behavior, neat appearance, and proper grammar use for all students.  Help to provide a positive learning environment
  8. Ability to lift and transfer up to 50 pounds
  9. Communicates with students, parents, co-workers, supervisors and the community in a positive and responsive way that is consistently welcoming and enhances effective work relationships
  10. First aid and CPR certification (or must be obtained within 90 days of employment)
  11. Prompt, regular and reliable attendance