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Internal posting

The Richfield Public School District is currently accepting applications for one (1) Instructional Leadership Team member (ILT) at Centennial Elementary School.   The selected ILT position will be required to reapply at least once every three years.  All positions will be reviewed annually by building leader / principal.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Create, implement, and monitor the strategies in the SIP that focus on curriculum, instruction and assessment.
  • Attend regularly scheduled IT meetings.
  • Take on active role in ILT responsibilities
  • Engage school staff in determining the work of the ILT
  • Assist in guiding school operations and programs to meet goals outlined in SIP
  • Continuously engage in discussions with staff about the ILT efforts
  • Solicit feedback from staff regarding ILT efforts
  • Assist with planning site-specific PD based on school needs/goals/SIP
  • Assist with planning and implementing the school improvement plan
  • Support all licensed site staff to ensure they complete and submit their PGP and PLC plans in accordance with the Q-Comp requirements.  This includes submission and approval of plans in the fall and completion of the spring reflections and required documentation.
  • Participate in review of SIP (quarterly, and at end-of-year).   May be outside of contract day
  • Annual Data Day required attendance (June) as part of stipend position.  Will be outside of contract year.

Additional responsibilities may include:

  • Serve as a model classroom for other teachers to observe
  • Facilitate and/or support implementation of PLCs
  • Positively promote the school through participation in activities.

Q-Comp program additional responsibilities:

  • Serve as the liaison between the building ILT and the district-wide Q-Comp Steering Committee.  Includes sending communication to building staff regarding Q-Comp expectations, deadlines and updates.
  • Collaborates with ILT members to complete the Q-Comp Site Goal Update form and submit to the Q-Comp steering Committee.


  • Teacher on staff
  • Quality teaching experience / minimum of 1 year of teaching experience in RPS
  • Teachers receiving SIT stipend must be tenured.
  • Ability to work well with others in a supportive and constructive environment
  • Demonstrated leadership experience (formally or informally)
  • Demonstrated strength in instructional practices – a minimum of all marked as proficient earned on Danielson rubric (overall should be proficient in all domains)

Stipend: See Teacher Master Agreement (appendix D) here.

Application deadline:  Open until filled.