Administration - Non-Licensed | Finance Specialist | District Office | Available: ASAP | Closing: Until Filled


Description:  Under the general direction of the Assistant Director of Finance, the Finance Specialist will be responsible for performance of all financial related functions related but not limited to:  collection, accuracy, data entry, submission, and maintenance of data;  delivery of accurate and timely employee pay deposits; guidance and direction to stakeholders regarding special education, general revenue, accounts payable and payroll accounting; guidance and direction to stakeholders related to UFARS codes and compliance, financial tools, forms, processes, procedures, and protocols; reconciliation of invoices, account statements, and reports;  preparation of journal entries and account adjustments; maintenance of confidential data; and compilation of financial data in preparation for various audits.

Job Summary: 

  1. Responsible to maintain, collect, prepare, and enter financial and student data into EDRS, SERVS, for revenue collection in collaboration with the all departments administering grants and federal programs.
    • Collect, enter, submit, maintain, and reconcile data for revenue collection in various systems such as but not limited to EDRS, SERVS, and G5.
    • Prepare data verification report for federal expenditure reporting including but not limited to semi-annual certifications and PARS.
    • Monitor program and subprogram expenditures for accuracy and compliance.
    • Ensure all data is reported accurately and timely.
    • Assist various departments with accounting questions as it relates to grant accounting such as but not limited to Special Education and Title programs.
  2. Performs general revenue accounting functions including the preparation of invoices, bank deposits, donation reports, journal entries, and accounts receivable records.
    • Account and deposit district office deposits. 
    • Prepare monthly donation report.
    • Gather and collect necessary information for generating accounts receivable invoices. 
    • Prepare and send invoices for revenue collection.
    • Prepare and send uncollectible revenue accounts to collection agency.     
    • Reconcile monthly food service deposits. 
    • Prepare monthly journal entries including but not limited to non-sufficient funds checks, deposit corrections, and postage.
    • Maintain all accounts receivable and collection records for all funds.
    • Determine, collect, and prepare supporting data to file monthly sales tax return.
  3. Maintains the integrityand securityof applicable financedepartment dataand records; compiles and provides data to support labor negotiations and staff planningdecision makers; responds appropriatelyto internal and external requests forprivate and/or public personnel data; producesand maintains data to support annualcompliance reportingrequirements such as EDRS, UFARS, IRS, SERVS; maintains and ensurescompliancewith data privacylaws and policies; provides technicalsupport to thedistrict’s clerical staff; calculates salaryincreases forlane and step changes; implements provisions of labor agreements.
    • Inputs and maintains accurate financial records for employees including but not limited to, vendor payment requests, and associated compensation adjustments such as change orders, timesheets, and revenue collections.
    • Compiles and assists with analysis of data related to wages, sick leave use, benefits, and costing of District labor negotiations proposals.
    •  Compiles, verifies, prepares and submits data, records and reports to ensure compliance with requirements including, but not limited to UFARS, EDRS, IRS and SERVS reporting.
    •  Provides reports on calendar and fiscal year-end data, prepares government surveys, and summarizes data and information for contract negotiations, strategic planning and other decision-making.
    • Audits district records and information pertaining to employee compensation information.
    • Utilizes a variety of automated applications, including spreadsheet, database, word processing and proprietary financial tools for management of data, preparing, and submitting reports such as Square, Skyward, and Revtrak.
    • Conducts training for site staff for use of tools related to financial activities and reporting.
    • Maintains strict confidentiality of all records, personnel actions and information.
  4. Processes payroll and ensures employees are paid correctly and deductions are withheld in accordance with all federal, state and local statutes; ensures required reports are completed in a timely and accurate manner; assists staff in resolving payroll-related problems.
    • Process bi-monthly payroll for all employees.
      • Collect, review and verify all employee time sheets including paper and electronic format.
      • Create direct deposit files.
      • Calculate and verify federal and state taxes for District Accountant to process.
      • Complete and submit PERA and TRA retirement reports and any other government-mandated reporting requirements in a timely and appropriate manner including but not limited to W-2s, 941s, etc.
      • Create and submit MN unemployment wage detail quarterly reports.
      • Export and verify substitute data from electronic substitute system.  Correct data and import into the district substitute tracking and time off software.
      • Processes non-statutory deductions and remittances such as child support, garnishments, flexible benefits, union dues, etc.
      • Determine if pay adjustments are necessary in relation to new hires, terminations, leaves of absences, or any changes in employment status and input and process if deemed necessary.
    • Maintain the Employee Access Organizational chart.
    • Calculate, review, and maintain pay and paid leave accrual effects for all employee leaves.
    • Maintains employee profile information and payment records in accordance with contract provisions and all applicable federal, state, and local statutes.
    • Maintain employee addresses, direct deposit, W-4 information, and all master file payroll records for all employees.
    • Review and process data processing forms from the Human Resources Department to set up pay records.
    • Monitors, calculates, and processes contract pay limits, step increases, and longevity pay in accordance with contract provisions.
    • Maintains master listing of employee rates to ensure proper payment in accordance with contract provisions.
    • Process year-end salaries payable batches.
    • Process fiscal and calendar year-end rolls of the payroll system.
    • Provide payroll information to various governmental organizations upon request including but not limited to TRA, PERA, MN Unemployment, Social Security, IRS, State of MN, etc.
    • Assist and train all staff to use Employee Access.
    • Provide assistance to all staff in regards to payment of wages, payroll issues, and inquiries.
    • Communicate to all employees any payroll related information in regards to changes in federal, state and local statutes, district policies and procedures.
    • Communicate to union representatives in regards to union dues.
    • Process all budget account code transfers and corrections.
    • Manage record retention schedule and maintain permanent payroll records.
  5. Provide technical and expert advice to building level support including interpretation and use of any financial forms and financial tools available for staff use, counseling building staff on deposits, receipt issues, and protocols pertaining to school business.
    • Maintains, updates and reviews forms and tools on website.
    • Assist clerical staff with various forms, deposit and receipt questions.
    • Presents clarification and direction to clerical staff at clerical trainings on processes, procedures, forms, tools, and all other necessary information related to the financial well being of the district.
    • Post and update forms and procedures on the Helpdesk for finance department.
  6. Processes accounts payable and ensures vendors and employees are paid correctly in accordance with all federal, state and local statutes; ensures required reports are completed in a timely and accurate manner; assists staff in resolving vendor payment and staff reimbursement issues; provide technical and expert advice to building level support including interpretation  consultation of protocols as it relates to vendor payments, expense reimbursements, and purchase orders pertaining to school business including the use of appropriate financial forms and financial tools available for staff  use.
    • Reviews and processes all vendor invoices required to perform data entry functions
    • Performs all computer operations necessary to produce computer generated accounts payable checks.
    • Verifies checks to proper vendors/employees and mails/distributes checks.
    • Reconciles and verifies vendor statements, maintains the open purchase order file, and the unpaid invoice file, and overall accounts payable transactions for the District
    • Reviews purchase orders for purchase agreements, price compliance, authorized orders, billings, etc.
    • Acts as liaison between District employees and vendors regarding account status
    • Investigates deviations and initiates corrective action plan.
    • Maintain district vendor files by setting up new vendors and updating existing vendor information.
    • Distributes vendor invoices to proper staff, departments or schools for approval of payment.
    • Processes, verifies and distributes 1099 forms.
    • Implements, monitors, and coordinates purchase order receiving system,
    • Assists and trains staff as deemed necessary.
  7. Performs other comparable duties of a like or similar nature as assigned.
    • Handle various special projects as needed.
    • Assists with development and implementation of new processes or procedures as needed.
    • Assist with audit and financial statement preparation.
    • Attends training sessions, conferences, workshops, and seminars to keep abreast of changes, trends or skills required and related to the position.
    • Performs data processing, filing and other office functions as deemed necessary.


  1. AAS degree required in business related field.
  2. 3-5 years ofexperience in a related field.
  3. General knowledge and experience using UFARS.
  4. General knowledge of accounting terminology and accounting practices.
  5. Enhanced knowledge of the district’s policies and procedures.
  6. Enhanced knowledge of Special Education programs and terminology.
  7. Enhanced knowledge of payroll procedures and processes.
  8. Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  9. Experience of interpreting and administering collective bargaining agreements.
  10. Excellent computer skills in a Microsoft Windows environment and the Internet, including Excel and demonstrated skills in a financial accounting system, database management and recordkeeping, ability to learn new computer program applications quickly.
  11. Principles of mathematics, including the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide using decimals, percentages, fractions; ability to solve basic algebraic equations.
  12. Must have excellent written and oral communications skills; ability to effectively communicate with co-workers and customers to aid in satisfying customer requirements.
  13. Must be detail-oriented and have excellent computer skills (i.e., MS Office Suite) and the ability to learn new computer program applications quickly.
  14. Must have excellent organizational skills and the ability to prioritize effectively.
  15. Must have basic mathematical and general office skills, including the operation of office equipment.

Application Procedure:
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