Administration | Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy | Available: 07/17/2023 | Closing: 06/30/2023



Our mission is to support each child in becoming an engaged and curious learner, a confident self-advocate, and a creative problem-solver by setting high expectations and nurturing a positive culture that honors diversity, collaboration, and optimism.

Position Title 

Executive Director 

Reports To

Board President

Employed By 

Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy 

Criminal Background Check 



General Description

The Executive Director reports directly to the Board President/Chairman of the Board. The Executive Director is a relentless leader who provides leadership, is focused on school growth, works to achieve school board goals, cultivates relationships, and is able to inspire others. The Executive Director oversees organizational management, financial responsibilities, and human resource management. This position requires acute attention to detail and the ability to manage critical activities simultaneously and in a timely manner. The ideal candidate for this position (1) builds deep relationships with various internal and external stakeholders, (2) understands the levers and priorities of school operations, (3) solves critical problems and strategically identifies ways to support school growth, (4) translates the School Board’s strategic vision into operational objectives.¬†

Qualifications &  Certification Required 


  • Master‚Äôs or Advanced Degree¬†



  • 3-5 years of related leadership and administrative experience within an academic setting

  • 10-15 years of professional experience, preferably within the K-8 education sector

  • Valid administrative or educational credential or license or willingness to pursue one

  • Experience forming, cultivating, and expanding partnerships with key constituents in the public and private sectors, such as foundations, individuals, and government agencies

  • Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws applying to public charter schools

  • Track record of developing and securing resources through philanthropy and other funding opportunities and developing strategic partnerships

  • History of building excellent relationships with families, students, and staff.¬†


Reporting and Compliance:

  • Responsible for submitting mandatory reports to district, state, and federal organizations

    • Title I Application

    • Q Comp

      • Site Goal and Program Updates

    • World‚Äôs Best Workforce

      • Summary Report and Plan

    • Read Well by 3rd Grade¬†

    • IOWA: User Access Certifications

  • Ensure compliance with all legal contracts, government regulations, and funding source agreements

  • Ensure that human resource practices and policies are compliant with state and federal employment laws

  • IQS point person for scorecard and cadre members

  • Signer of legal documents

  • Ensure school-wide compliance with health and safety laws.

  • Ensures all school accountability data is being kept, revised, and recorded regularly and accurately


School Operations:

  • Guide and direct members of the administrative and office support teams by promoting high standards of excellence

  • Ensure that school rules and policies are objectively and consistently implemented with integrity

  • Promote a healthy culture, positive learning environment, and community-friendly atmosphere

  • Act as a professional advisor to the Board of Director on all aspects of the school‚Äôs activities

  • Draft policies for approval by Board and prepare procedures to implement the organizational policies; review existing policies on an annual basis and recommend changes to the Board as appropriate

  • Conduct official correspondence on behalf of the Board

  • Recruit new board members¬†

  • Hold regular administrative meetings

  • Institutionalize and systematize school knowledge and processes to prepare schools for long-term growth needs.

  • Make decisions around school closure

  • Maintain school calendar

  • Responsible for the development of the Crisis Plan

  • Oversee Student Enrollment

  • Develop Parent and Family Handbook

  • Point of Contact with School Board


HR and Staffing:

  • Provide recommendations regarding promotions, demotions, hiring, termination, and salary changes for employees

  • Oversee the implementation of Human Resources policies, procedures, and practices¬†

  • Supervise and evaluate all administrative and leadership staff

  • Lead Talent and Staff Recruitment Team (Hiring/Firing)

  • Supervise and Evaluate Administrative Team

  • Develop Employee Policy and Procedures Handbook


Curriculum and Instruction

  • Serve as an educational leader by providing effective management of teaching, data analysis, curriculum development and professional development programs¬†

  • Work with Director on Master Schedule

  • Observations:

    • Informal Weekly

  • Consult with outside sources for PD and other contracts (EnVOY, Designs for Learning, Transportation, Nursing)

  • Data meetings with the principal


Budgeting and Fiscal Management:

  • Provide leadership in fiscal management

  • Establish and cultivate relationships with state funding sources, advisory committees, and local partnership groups

  • Administer funds according to the approved budget and monitor the monthly cash flow of the organization

  • Collaborate with philanthropic partners and increase the number of grant applications and link financial visions with strategic planning and execution

  • Purchases and Reimbursement Approval


Marketing and Community Relations:

  • Represent the school in community activities

  • Oversee brand development, social media presence, and marketing needs

  • Manage/cultivate relationships with all outside organizations and lead the school‚Äôs efforts to partner with community leaders, organizations, state, and local charter events/meetings

  • Attend IQS Director Meetings

  • Attend MACS Director Meetings

  • Present at school and community events



  • Oversee the implementation and maintenance of the Technology Infrastructure and equipment

  • Work closely with the school technology coordinator and Distinctive Schools technology team to troubleshoot and solve day-to-day technology issues as they arise

  • Coordinate with the school technology coordinator on both short and long-term projects and manage the school technology coordinator while on campus.


Complete all duties, posts, and tasks as assigned.


$80,000 Р$90,000  Commensurate with experience.