Teacher-Elementary | Elementary Schools | Available: 2023-24 School Year | Closing: 03/31/2023


Effective immediately, Human Resources is acception applications for the position of Equity & Instructional Coach-TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) at the elementary schools (two positions).  We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.  Salary placement is based on education and experience as indicated in Teachers’ Collectively Bargained Agreement.  

Application Process:  To be considered for a position, submit online application and resume at  Application deadline is 4:00 PM on Friday, March 31, 2023.

 Job Summary
Coaching is a measurable and proven method of changing teacher practice and improving student outcomes. Equity & Instructional Coaches with a focus on coaching for racial equity will work with all teachers at each school. The Equity and Instructional Coach (TOSA) position is designed to amplify the school’s focus on continuous improvement and best practice approaches to instruction, support teachers’ growth, and reduce/eliminate racial and economic opportunity and achievement gaps for students. Guiding values and practices of the role include: a commitment to coaching and a growth mindset; coaching for individuals and small groups; leadership team development; designing, facilitating, and leading professional learning; growing a culturally responsive approach to lesson planning and instruction; data literacy; and centering an anti-bias, anti-racist approach to pedagogy and professional skills of all educators.
Job Functions
Professional Learning

  • Build change readiness and change management for site and district learning and adaptive work
  • Serve as a leader for instructional strategies and content-area pedagogy, as well as curricular design that delivers the Classroom Theory of Action and Desired Daily Experiences for staff, students, and families
  • Collaborate with school and district leaders of academic and student support academic and student support leaders to implement and monitor Multi-Tiered System of Support that provide effective Tier 1 curriculum, assessment, and instruction, and targeted interventions for students who demonstrate a need for accelerated growth in academic, social, emotional, or behavior development
  • Provide mentoring support for new teachers and staff.
  • Partner with school leaders to build teacher leadership capacity and to ensure effective school-wide, standards-based professional learning, that supports alignment in the work of staff throughout the system: district – school/program – PLC – individual educator


  • Provide one-on-one, individualized support that accelerates teachers’ learning and growth
  • Support teachers’ praxis: taking their learning from strategic and continuous improvement goals, professional development opportunities, and PLC or data meetings and applying their learning to planning and instruction
  • Offer place and space for teachers to process their learning with a trusted colleague and receive feedback and help in determining next steps
  • Help teachers clarify goals and priorities in their learning and progress through different areas of development to improve their anti-bias, anti-racist teaching practice

Equity & Learning

  • Support teachers in developing culturally responsive approaches to lesson planning and instruction
  • Support teams and individual in growing their data literacy: disaggregating data by demographic groups, using data-driven decision making skills, and adapting practices in response to the data
  • Support teams in developing effective and efficacious collaborative relationships with a focus on healthy communication, planning for instruction, and developing interdisciplinary units and/or approaches
  • Coordinate developing and maintaining formative and summative assessments in all curricular areas.
  • Lead collaborative teacher teams in their design of culturally relevant, anti-racist, engaging, meaningful learning experiences at grade level for each student
  • Promote integration of technology as a tool for improving student engagement and achievement.
  • Assist in the selection and design of instruments and procedures for curricular materials, best practice instructional strategies and assessment tools.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Able to demonstrate all of the following:

  • Excellence in collaboration with colleagues and an enthusiasm to work with educators and students
  • Commitment to the equitable education of all students
  • Effective planning and organizational skills
  • Highly effective interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated knowledge and application of effective instructional strategies, content pedagogy, and evidence-based practice
  • Recognized as a teacher leader whose work is aligned with district core values and vision
  • Hold the following firm beliefs:
    • Each student can and will learn, and their learning can be directly influenced by focusing on factors over which we have control
    • Interdependence and collaboration with teachers, school, and district leaders through the system, aligning the work of adults around improving student learning by meeting the needs, interests, and aspirations of students
    • Partnership with staff is essential to continuously improve practices to enhance student and family engagement, creating the conditions for equity, excellence, and student success
    • Personalizing learning is important for each student: meeting academic, social, and emotional needs and aspirations ensures that they feel valued and have a sense of belonging which leads  to academic success

Minimum Requirements

  • A valid Minnesota teaching license
  • Commitment to ongoing learning, as evidenced by graduate-level work or an advanced degree
  • Master’s degree in educational leadership or instruction preferred
  • Certified Cognitive Coach training or formal professional coaching development preferred