Job Title:   K-5 Vocal Music Teacher – Jefferson Elementary School

Job Description:
One full-time (1.0 FTE) K-5 Vocal Music Teacher at Jefferson Elementary School.

Knowledge of the core curriculum areas the teacher is responsible for instructing.  Knowledge of teaching and learning strategies to meet a wide range of student learning styles and abilities.  Knowledge of multicultural, gender and disability fair curriculum concepts.  Knowledge of research and trends in teaching and learning styles.  Knowledge of instructional technologies.  Strong skills in classroom presentation and management.  Strong interpersonal skills to include the ability to work effectively with students, parents, district staff and community members from diverse backgrounds.  Excellent organizational skills.  Ability to plan and implement lessons based upon the district’s and school’s goals and objectives.  Ability to evaluate student performance and to present evaluations in a manner that foster higher student achievement.

Licensure:  Licensure by the State of Minnesota in Instr (Band/Orch) and Classroom Music or Vocal and Classroom Music

Application Procedure:  Apply online at:

Application Deadline:  December 7, 2022 or until filled