Teaching | ESL | Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy | Available: 08/21/2023 | Closing: 06/23/2023


Position Title: English Learning Development Teacher
Reports To MELA: School Director. 
Employed by: Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy 
Criminal Background Check: Required 

EL Teacher position Open for SY 2023-2024


General Description:

The English Language Teacher provides personalized academic and language instruction to English Learners.
The Lead Teacher will also provide professional development, coaching, and support in EL strategies and instructional practices to teachers to ensure academic success for all learners.


Qualifications & CertificationRequired:

Must share a commitment to creating a learning environment that is driven by:
– Explicit and high expectations
– Data-driven and evidence-based decision making
– Continuous learning and leadership development
– Effective management of resources (time, materials, colleagues, and families)
РAbility to modify instruction to meet student needs, ability to collaborate with the school faculty and administration in the development and implementation of EL program and instruction



– EL Teacher will adapt and implement curricula and activities to meet academic and WIDA standards
– EL Teacher will monitor District and State requirements to ensure compliance and obtain input to maximize program effectiveness.
– EL Teacher will coordinate language proficiency testing to determine and identify students that qualify for ELD services.
– EL Teacher will coordinate and support the administration of ACCESS testing.
– EL Teacher will be accountable for students’ mastery of content and language standards.
– EL Teacher will focus on student learning, thinking critically and strategically to respond to student learning needs.
РEL Teacher will provide instruction to EL students (including modeling of lessons for other EL and general education teachers).
– EL Teacher will plan and deliver professional development.
РEL Teacher will collaborate with leaders to ensure campus compliance for EL population.
– EL Teacher will work as a team with other members of the campus team (classroom teachers, special education teachers, paraprofessionals, etc.)
– EL Teacher will attend and participate in bi-weekly Academic Leadership Team Meetings to provide information, feedback, and needs of ELD program.
РEL Teacher will create and support an EL parent group and conduct at least three parent meetings a year- empower, inform and involve the Bilingual parents
– School Director may assign other duties based on the needs of campus.

Requirements for Employment:
– Outstanding personal and interpersonal communication skills
– Excellent organizational skills
– The ability to keep concise records
– A sensitivity to the development stages and well-being of ELLs
– The ability to incorporate current technology into the classroom environment
– The ability to facilitate group discussion, analyze situations, and draw conclusions
– The ability to work with a diversity of individuals and groups
– Excellent problem-solving skills to analyze issues and create action plans
– The ability to adapt to changing work priorities and maintain flexible working hours
– The ability to establish and maintain constructive relationships
Complete all duties, posts, and tasks as assigned.


Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other personal characteristic protected by applicable law.