Support Staff | Educational Assistant | International Spanish Language Academy | Available: 09/01/2023 | Closing: 10/15/2021



* Assist classroom teachers in carrying out all responsibilities associated with elementary immersion teaching assignment.
* Assist classroom teachers in conducting classroom instruction of all basic subjects in Spanish.
* Work with small groups or individual students in math and/or reading
* Supervise lunch and recess as needed. 
* Collaborate with grade-level team members, program specialists, program coordinator, director, and other staff regarding program implementation.
* Maintain knowledge of current and emerging trends, procedures, and evaluation processes in immersion programs.
* Participate in in-service program planning and staff development activities.
* Participate in immersion and the International Baccalaureate Organization Primary Years Programme training programs.
* General supervision during recess, lunch, arrival and dismissal.


* The candidate, following guidelines for highly qualified staff, will hold at a minimum, an associate’s degree.  (Two year degree)  
*Understanding of tiered intervention system highly desired. 
Native or near native proficiency in the Spanish language is needed.  
* Functional proficiency in English is required.



*Ability to relate positively to primary-age children.
* Enthusiasm and a strong commitment to the full immersion teaching philosophy.
* Enthusiasm and a strong commitment to the International Baccalaureate Organization Primary Years Programme.
* Excellent proven communication skills (non-verbal, oral, written, and listening.)
* Good organizational skills and flexibility in relating to students, parents, peers, and supervisors.
* Must be able to work well in a team environment through cooperation and participation.
* In-depth knowledge of a Hispanic culture.
* Ability to appropriately teach children with different ability levels and learning styles.
* Ability to understand that students are individuals, and the skill to work effectively with individual strengths and needs of students.
* Knowledge and ability to creatively instill the love of learning in students.
* Creatively strive to make connections with parents, other classes, community and beyond.


Must be able to appropriately and patiently work well with elementary-age children in and outside of the classroom.


This position requires the incumbent to work mainly in a classroom setting as well as supervise recess.  However, incumbent may be required to attend field trips outside of the school.  Incumbent also be required to supervise and work with the children in the lunchroom or other areas.
This position also requires other duties and responsibilities as needed that may not be included in this job description.
This position follows the school calendar and attendance is required only when students are present at school.

Deadline:  Position open until filled.