Administration | Director | District Office | Closing: 02/20/2023


ROCORI Public Schools is looking for a Director of Activities position.

Job Summary: The Director of Activities is responsible for the secondary school district extra-curricular activity programs and middle school activities; the supervision of the building for activities and duties as assigned by the principal of the high school.



  1. Recruitment and assignment of personnel for coaching duties
  2. Supervise and evaluate the work of all extra-curricular head coaches and advisors
  3. Responsible for pre-activity goal setting of program areas
  4. Coordinates captain and student leader and sportsmanship programs


  1. Schedule and publicize all games, activities, fine arts, contests, and arrange the sites
  2. Schedule, requisition, and assign practice areas
  3. Contract for all officials for games, activities, and contests
  4. Provide officials for all games, activities, and contests.
  5. Provide ticket sellers, ticket takers, scorekeepers, timers, etc.
  6. Supervise preparation of playing areas for all games and contests.
  7. Schedule transportation for games, activities, and contests and arrange for meals and/or lodging when necessary.
  8. Placement of all games, activities, and contest schedules on the District Master Calendar.
  9. Varsity game supervision, including crowd control and sportsmanship.
  10. Organize concession stand, including hiring, ordering, and accounting for revenue.
  11. Direct preparation of all school activity awards.
  12. Organize intramural programs.
  13. Provide all coaches with updated eligibility information.
  14. Maintain eligibility information files, including academic eligibility and health forms.
  15. Maintain eligibility violation files
  16. Conduct eligibility hearings.
  17. Collect activity fees.
  18. Conduct seasonal meeting with Fall, Winter, and Spring activities.
  19. Update coaches handbook annually.
  20. Mediate parental complaints for program concerns.
  21. Submit to the MSHSL, region, and conference all of the required reports.
  22.  Submit all reports requested by the high school principal and superintendent.
  23. Represent Rocori High School at appropriate Sub-Section, Section, Conference, and State meetings.
  24. Act as tournament manager or arrange for tournament management when Rocori is the host school.
  25. Conduct activity interest surveys as required by MSHSL.
  26. Maintain accurate records of awards and contests.
  27. Administer all school, Section, Conference, and MSHSL rules.
  28. Require and make sure all head coaches attend rules meetings sponsored by MSHSL.
  29. Make sure home and away activities are attended by an administrator
  30. Files all coaching and activity seasonal reports.
  31. Records all student training and misconduct penalties.


  1. Set up the budget for the extra-curricular activity programs 7-12.
  2. Assist in developing the coaching salary schedule.
  3.   Approve salary requests.
  4. Recommend approval for clinic request forms.
  5. Maintain accurate budgetary expenditure records.
  6. Attend all Booster Club meetings, serve as district liaison on Booster Club, and distribute funds where most needed and fairly.
  7. Recommend and requisition all supplies and equipment.
  8. Supervise the care and storage of equipment.
  9. Inventory and disperse supplies and equipment.
  10. Oversee and supervise care and upkeep of athletic facilities and fields and make recommendations for capital outlay improvements.
  11. Help direct Strength Training Program, also Training Room, and strength training equipment and supplies.

Any questions about the position can contact John Thein, Superintendent at  or 320-685-4900