Student Support Services | Turtle Lake Elementary


Position:  Dean of Students – One Year Only
Work Schedule:  Full-time, 186 duty days plus additional summer days
Start Date:  August 28, 2023
Pay: Steps and lanes are in accordance with the teacher labor agreement
Benefits:   Medical, dental, life insurance and other benefits as outlined in teacher summary of benefits

Required Qualifications:

  • Valid MN license in one of the following areas: administration, special education, social work or counseling.  If a student presents an issue that is outside of the license area possessed by that dean, the dean will assist another member of the dean staff, school staff, or central administration who has the appropriate license when dealing with that student issue.
  • Has knowledge and understanding of: curriculum design, implementation, evaluation and refinement; principles of effective instruction; and measurement, evaluation and assessment strategies.
  • Teamwork: Ability to work effectively with parents, teachers, teacher teams, and other support staff.
  • Sensitivity: Perceives the needs and concerns of others. Deals tactfully with others in emotionally stressful situations or in crisis or conflict.  Relates to people of varying backgrounds.
  • Judgment and Decision Making: Reaches logical conclusions and makes high quality decisions based on available information. Gives priority and caution to significant issues. Seeks out relevant data, facts and impressions. Analyzes and interprets complex information.
  • Results Orientation: Assumes responsibility. Recognizes when a decision is required. Takes prompt action as issues emerge. Resolves short-term issues while balancing them against long-term objectives.
  • Organizational Skills and Time Management: Plans and schedules one’s own work and the work of others so that resources are used appropriately. Schedules flow of activities. Establishes procedures to monitor projects. Practices time and task management. Knows what to delegate and to whom.
  • Communication: Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written, understands social media.
  • Understanding Own Strengths and Weaknesses: Understands personal strengths and weaknesses and takes responsibility for improvement by actively pursing developmental activities. Strives for continuous learning.
  • Ethical Leadership: Demonstrates a personal and professional code of ethics. Brings ethical principles to the decision-making process. Subordinates one’s own interest to the good of the school community.
  • Collaboration: Involves key stakeholders in the decision-making process.
  • Use of Technology: Understands and can articulate best practices for technology use in the classroom and how to integrate technology into standards-based instruction. Works with staff where appropriate to develop and implement a technology integration program founded on best instructional practices. Provide social, emotional, and behavior intervention consultation with students and families.


  • Provide support services for students in the areas of academic programs, including homeroom assignments, registration, course planning, school rules and other matters.
  • Work cooperatively with team members, parents, and other student support staff in meeting the educational and developmental needs of individual students.
  • Provide social, emotional, and behavior intervention consultation with students and families.
  • Provide social, emotional, and behavior intervention consultation with students and classroom teachers.
  • Provide social skills instruction and support for students.
  • Communicate with parents and school staff about social, emotional, and behavioral progress.
  • Provide leadership and direction to staff in developing positive restorative consequence plans for students. Communicate team needs to principal.
  • Provide leadership and direction to staff in implementing measures to promote student growth both academically and social emotional and identify appropriate learner supports to enhance that growth.
  • Promote the philosophy, school improvement initiatives, and district learner outcomes at their school.
  • When appropriate, develop and implement 504 plans.
  • Use appropriate available data when making decisions regarding students academic plan, progress and interventions.
  • Provide positive support and guidance to students. Counsel individual students to resolve or remediate problems (decision making or social skills). Work with students and families to meet student needs. Where appropriate conduct group counseling sessions with students directed toward problem resolution with family problems, self- awareness or chemical problems.
  • Where appropriate provide training to staff in areas of expertise or in train the trainer situations.
  • Potential assignment in limited cases for a limited time period to additional responsibilities such as testing, orientation, academic excellence, scheduling, grade reporting, registration, parent education, classroom presentations, supervision, busing, co-curricular, special education, crisis intervention, at-risk programs, security, and dances. Building and District level committees will be assigned on an individual basis.
  • At the high school level, develop 4 year plans with students and parents and explore post-secondary options and assist with initial post-secondary planning.
  • At the middle level, develop 3 plus 1 plans and assist students with exploratory course options to broaden their education scope and lay the foundation for high school course selection.
  • At the elementary level, where appropriate lead the PBIS team.  Participate in Child Find process and attend Child Study Meetings. They may also be a member of Student Intervention Teams whose acronyms will vary be building.
  • Other functions of the job include but are not limited to the following:
  • Performs other duties as assigned.